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    meeting someone with cf

    Has anyone else been somewhere and come across someone that you are just convinced has cf? I was in a meeting this morning for work and the guy sitting down from me I later found out has cf. I saw him before the meeting come in with his coworkers and I didn't think anything of it until during...
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    cfer on Overhaulin

    I saw a commercial on velocity while i was at work this afternoon for an episode of overhaulin where they restore an old Volkswagen beetle for a guy with cf. It airs Tuesday night at 9 eastern time on velocity. I don't get the channel at home but the dvr at work is definitely set ;) ...for...
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    <span style="font-family: 'Verdana','sans-serif'; color: black; font-size: 8.5pt;">Does anyone stretch the muscles around their rib cage to loosen them up and breathe better? Here in lockup I was at pt today and the therapist showed me some stretches that focus on the upper spine and rib muscles...
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    Other cfers in the hospital

    I'm currently in the hospital and the hospital I go to has a unit they like to admit all the cfers to (it happens to be the overfunded and under utilized pallitive care unit but thats a different story) so I will see other cfers walking up and down the halls. Of course they stick out in a...
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    Fecal sample?!

    I'm in lockup for the first time with this dr and he's done a few things that have kinda gotten under my skin, like wanting to go investigate whats going on with my sinuses, he wants me to keep up with a spit cup for show and tell, he expects me to be up and dressed every morning when he comes...
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    insensitive to tobramycin?!

    I came in fora tuneup today and we had begun the regular routine, minus IV tobra. I asked the nurse why it wasn't ordered and she went to find out. Turns out my culture came back with psuedo that isinsensitive to tobra so the dr didn't write orders for it. This is a new dr that I've only been...
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    old doctor or young?

    I'm in the process of changing doctors right now and had my first appointment with the my new dr yesterday. I was asking several questions about kalydeco and genetics and basically got the response that "I'm not a molecular biologist, I concern myself with clinical data that is needed to treat...
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    G551d kalydeco/vx770

    With all the frenzy of the 770 getting passed through the FDA rumors are rampant. I have read in blogs and forums everything from people claiming to feel "normal" and come off of other treatments (it is to my understandingthat thisis strongly discouraged) toa NY Times article that says patients...
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    zenpep packaging

    After dropping and breaking one of my bottles of zenpep this afternoon I got to thinking, why on earth do they put them in glass bottles? There has to be a good reason for it because the glass is going to be so much more expensive than plastic bottles are. Nothing else comes in glass <br>
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    Good idea?

    I saw this reading blogs just now and thought it might be a good idea. Actually I saw this on someone's facebook, but wherever it came from, what do you guys think? <a target=_blank class=ftalternatingbarlinklarge...
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    Increased ALT

    I don't know any details of it, just what I heard the nurses saying during shift change just now. When they pulled labs today whatever the ALT is was a little high. The nurse said it was liver enzymes and that a lot of cfers have liver trouble. This is the first I've heard anything about me...
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    drug reaction

    I've had cefataz probably a dozen times and never had any problem with it, but last night when they were giving me the first dose of it btw I was put in for a tuneup, I had an awful reaction to it. They ran it pretty quick, over just 3 minutes, and right away I started to have a significant...
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    new job

    I started my new job (its walmart but its also just a part time job while in college) a week ago. Tomorrow is my clinic appointment, and the doc is not going to be happy. My pfts were down the last time I was in and he reluctantly let me go then I doubt he's going to let me go again. I really am...
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    ALCS series

    Anyone keeping up with the playoffs this year? Who would have guessed the Rangers would be looking at going to the World Series at the beginning of the season! Its sure good to see them finally make something of a season. Better yet, it's sure great to watch Yankee Stadium clear out as the...
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    food for gaining weight

    I'm skinny as a rail, really tall too, so that doesn't help. I'm 6'2" and weigh 140 soaking wet. In the evenings when everyone else's shadows get tall and skinny, mine has given its all and gives up till morning. I wear pants all summer to hide the skinny legs and love that first cold snap so I...
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    September 11

    With members on here from all walks of life and all parts of the country and many from other countries, where were you when you heard? what were you doing on that day? I was in the 5th grade, since I'm in Texas, we were an hour behind, so I had already left for school and didn't hear about it...
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    vacuum cleaners

    My Dad has decided that he's going to buy a vacuum cleaner that really sucks. He wants to get one of the 0 loss of suction ones but hasn't decided yet which one. Not many people know how to keep carpet quite as clean as cfers so I decided this would be the best place to ask. What vacuum do you use?
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    sudden loss of appitite

    The last few weeks have been really wierd, my weight is down from where it usually runs so I've been trying to put some meat back on my bones, but a couple times a day I'll be eating then out of nowhere my appitite vanishes and I feel like with every bite its all going to come out. I never have...
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    couldn't help it

    Ever felt like Pumba? (begining of the song) ha ha ha ha I love this movie! <a target=_blank class=ftalternatingbarlinklarge href=""></a> When I was a young warthog...
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    just randomly saw something about that on a tv show i was watching, they didn't really explain it and just mentioned it in passing, does anyone know anything about this? btw did you know that constantine made it illegal to pass gas in public? ... yeah i was watching the history channel...