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    VERY IMPORTANT for adults with CF living in North Carolina

    I know there are several people on the board from NC. I was contacted by a social worker at UNC today. The Adult CF financial assistance program has been CANCELLED because of budget difficulties. This is a very important program for many cystics - this is how I got medical coverage through...
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    Thinking of buying a generator

    I'm thinking that I'm to the point where I'm pretty dependent on power - vest and nebs especially. There's also the thousands of dollars of medication in my refrigerator at any given time (mail order pharmacy, three month's supply). Living in North Carolina we sometimes lose power with storms...
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    What next?

    Hey everyone, Well tomorrow will be my last day of antibiotics for a while. A celebration will be in order!! A brief history of the last three months of my life: 3 weeks on orals; 3.5 weeks on a new combo of IV and oral abx; 2 week break from abx adding Prednisone; 3 weeks of a different...
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    FREE bubbles the fish masks

    I have three (unopened) Bubbles the Fish masks that are free to a good home...if you can cover shipping costs that is cool. I got them with my Pari Ultra II pediatric compressors which I have had to have replaced about five times in the last couple of years. Please PM me if you are...
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    On medicine for reflux but don't have reflux?

    Hey guys, My doctor put me on a GERD med at my last visit. I told him that I RARELY get heart burn (like hardly ever) and that I eat a lot of spicy foods without problems. But he insisted. He said my last CT scan showed that I may be aspirating stomach acid at night so we should do it just...
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    when i cough, i can feel my picc line

    i was laying in bed taking a nap and lifted my head up to cough only to have the strangest sensation...i could feel my picc line in my shoulder/arm area! any ideas what the heck is going on?
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    i've read on this site about clinics that give away flutters, acapellas, and now saline rinse bottles. just wondering, what does your clinic give away? mine gives away samples of medicine (advair, enzymes, singulair, flonase, TOBI, allergy pills) and has been known to give out a pari LC plus...
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    doing the vest with a pulled muscle

    i'm pretty sure i have a pulled muscle in my back. i'm taking Advil, using the heating pad, and trying to rest my back so it will heal. some types of coughing REALLY set it off. and the last two times i've done my vest it bothered the area and was sore for a while after i finished. i know...
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    Pulmozyme once vs twice a day

    My doctor brought up the possibility of doing Pulmozyme twice a day while I'm trying to get over period of my lungs acting up (a mild exacerbation). He said there is some data that suggests it could be useful during exacerbations. I have tried Pulmozyme twice daily before and haven't noticed...
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    type of portable compressor to use with TOBI

    i know we're not supposed to use the TREK for TOBI because it doesn't aerosolize the particles small enough or something. does anyone know if there is a portable compressor that is TOBI friendly? i'd love to be able to do it in the car on my morning commute to work.
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    Guess what? My comptessor broke AGAIN!

    This is the third time in less than a year that my Pari Ultra II compressor has slowed and then died on me. This can't be coincidence, can it? Have any of you had this same problem? All the times, the same thing happened: about 2 weeks before it died completely, it would start up slow when I...
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    little sensations in my lungs

    hey all. i've been experiencing something a little odd lately and wondered if i was alone and also if any of you might have an idea what it could be! several times a day the last few days, i get little sensations in my lungs. if you have ever had a "lung catch" when you breathe in and out...
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    Diabetics -- what do you do with your sharps?

    this might be a question i should have asked long ago... what do you do with your needles and syringes? my method is sort of ghetto. i put them in a plastic container like an old apple juice bottle, and when it is full i cap it and tape around the lid and some around the rest of the...
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    merry birthday! happy christmas, melanie!!

    hope you have a GREAT birthday and i'm glad you were able to make it out of the hospital for christmas. <img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif" border="0">
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    mold in the crawl space -- OT

    i apologize for posting something here that is off topic, but i thought some of you adult cfers might know a thing or two about mold's effects on health. my mom made an offer on a condo today and there was an inspection done on it ~6 weeks ago that said there was "a mold like substance" below...
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    compressor question

    so my neb compressor is doing this weird thing. i turn it on, after it has been sitting for awhile (like when i first start my treatment), and it starts out kind of slow. then after 20 seconds or so it will kick into gear (don't know how else to describe it) to normal speed and start nebbing...
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    radio show on Scott Johnson

    i heard part of this interview the other day on the radio. i had heard about scott johnson because he is from not far from where i live in north carolina. but it is different to hear someone's voice than to read a story about him. check it out if you have the time! <a target=_blank...
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    10% HS finally came in!!

    i went to the pharmacy today and was pleasantly surprised to find my 10% HS i've been waiting on for months and months came in!! i only wish i would have known before placing my most recent order to cf pharmacies. 60 bucks! anyway, thought you all might like to know so you can see if your...
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    thank you...

    back in may, i wrote a post asking people to explain their experiences and reservations about starting on oxygen for my father's benefit. my dad has emphysema, and needed, but resisted, going on oxygen for several years. i am happy to report that with encouagment from his loved ones, his...
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    TOBI tolerance

    do you guys notice that your ability to tolerate TOBI comes and goes? i can't figure it out... i've been really sick before and had trouble with it; i've been really sick and been fine. last time i was on it longer than 4 weeks to coincide with iv treatment, my docs took me off it b/c they...