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    False negative sputum culture?

    How often are sputum cultures false negative? My son is currently recovering from a month of sickness including sinusitis that then settled into his chest. His sputum culture was taken 3 days after he finished 10 days of amox and had just started 3 days of augmentin. His sputum was thick yellow...
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    CF Limbo-Update on immunodeficiency

    My 11 year old son has been in limbo for 5 years now. I've posted here before but I have new information. Stomach pain started at age 7. Chronic sinusitis and bronchitis. Cultured stap and h flu so far. PI diagnosed at age 8 via pancreatic stim test. Enzymes treated for 8 months with...
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    Rectal biopsy using biopsy from past colonoscopy?

    Does anyone know if you can test for CF using past biopsies from a previous colonoscopy? Or would you have to have a new colonoscopy to gather additional samples? Previous colonoscopies have prob 6-8 samples but maybe one 2 came from the rectum.
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    One dr says PI, one dr says not PI

    I'm confused. Many of you have read my posts and provided great support. In March, dr #1 diagnosed my son with PI based on pancreatic stimulation (secretin) test during endoscopy. Four out of five digestive enzymes were below normal. Dr#1 said this represented "mild-moderate PI." He prescribed...
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    Best Online Shop for SourceCF and Scandishakes

    I have read about the points rewards program for Zenpep, etc. I have signed up, but still waiting on my first free samples. Besides that, what is the best, most reliable online shop for SourceCF vitamins and Scandishakes. I have googled it but lots comes up at varying prices and just wondered...
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    UPDATE from APPT: 8 yo with pancreatic insufficiency, fighting for genetic sequencing

    13 Sept DC Hosp!: 8 yo with pancreatic insufficiency, My son has always been in the bottom 10% across the board for height, weight, etc. Now he has fallen off the growth chart in height, barely on for weight and ok for bmi. The last few months he has suffered abdominal pain with eating and...