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    Seriously Check your meds

    I have had hospital pharmacy send up the wrong dose enzyme before, I caught it, questioned it and got it corrected. Once while I was admitted, there was another cf patient in the room next to mine with a similar last name, the on call doctor pulled the chart to prescribe the other guy a round of...
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    New game

    haha, this is still going? I remember when this thread started. ...I win
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    Gurgling/bubbles back of throat

    I've always heard it associated with noises coming from down in the lungs. It sounds like the poprocks candy if you are familiar with that or similar but not quite the same as put your ear to a can of soda and listen to it fizz. Its not uncommon with cf patients, try albuterol, xopenex, or other...
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    aching joints (feet, hands, hips), fatigue, and headaches???

    Hydration might be a contributor like the above poster mentioned, one of the first places I would look would be vitamin levels. When did you last have them pulled? That would also account for why otherwise feeling better or changes in diet etc. wouldn't help.
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    Disclosing CF to an employer, anyone know?

    Unfortunately right now there is far more applicants than jobs and a lot of potential employers are more looking for reasons to not hire you than reasons why they should. Build a relationship with the company and show what you're worth before telling them anything. If it comes down to it, you...
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    Could someone smarter than me look up ceftaz and see if it has any sulfa drug in it

    No it does not have sulfa in it. I am alergic to sulfa but have had ceftaz many times. However last time I had ceftaz I had a reaction and its been added to the allergy list.
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    Embarrassing issue with cf

    liquid dish soap will take any stain out of just about anything. work some dish soap into the stain, then squirt some additional into the washer for good measure. I use it instead of shout or spray and wash. Its a heck of a lot cheaper, and will actually work to get **these** stains out. Its...
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    meeting someone with cf

    He never sat up straight, sat with his shoulders forward like we will do and are repeatedly told not to, and would lean against the table, etc. I never really noticed how many posture tells we have until I saw him. I suppose I should work on my own posture. I noticed his respirations were at...
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    meeting someone with cf

    Has anyone else been somewhere and come across someone that you are just convinced has cf? I was in a meeting this morning for work and the guy sitting down from me I later found out has cf. I saw him before the meeting come in with his coworkers and I didn't think anything of it until during...
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    stat locks

    I had a picc placed a couple years ago that the guy who placed it didn't like stat locks so he didn't put one on it. That picc pulled out half way in about 5 days and wouldn't wouldn't draw and was hard to flush so they replaced it. He had some other thing he put on it that he thought was...
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    cfer on Overhaulin

    A guy told me it's also on discovery tomorrow night (Monday) at 6. I haven't gone and verified that myself yet though.
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    cfer on Overhaulin

    I saw a commercial on velocity while i was at work this afternoon for an episode of overhaulin where they restore an old Volkswagen beetle for a guy with cf. It airs Tuesday night at 9 eastern time on velocity. I don't get the channel at home but the dvr at work is definitely set ;) ...for...
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    puberty with cf

    delayed puberty is a known effect of cf. I couldn't tell you why though. I'm 22 and both my younger brothers have a full beard and on me I grow a pretty good goatee and might be able to pull off long sideburns but most everything else just isn't there. It varies from person to person. Talk to...
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    Tell me about Houston, Texas Clinics

    Huston has a clinic that I have heard good things about. Never been there myself but one of the nurse practitioners at my clinic used to work there. Also have heard a couple of cfers speak highly of it. As for climate, if you haven't been there before just imagine that sticky nasty hot humid the...
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    Compounding Pharmacies

    Compounding pharmacies are necessary as drs often write some unusual scripts. One example is with cancer patients dealing with thrush drs will often write for a combination of malox, a pain killer, and its been too long to remember what else is in it. It is used as a mouthwash/rinse, no company...
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    Zithromycin Mon wed and fri

    To determine that something is safe to take during pregnancy includes determining if it can contaminate your baby's blood. If it is not capable of crossing that barrier, it will not change based on amount of its use. While you're probably right about a lack of study on off label use, I don't see...
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    Supreme Court Ruling Obamacare Upheld

    The big problem in all of this is "who is going to pay for drug development?" Its a business just like anything else and it must make money or it will not do the work. Yes there is a problem but cutting the money out from under the pharmaceutical companies is not the solution. Strong arming the...
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    Ever dreaded a hospital stay?

    Once I had an upcoming recorded audition that I needed to be practicing for (on my trombone) and I arranged for a conference room where I could practice. I brought equipment with me and used my laptop as a little recording studio and recorded that audition in that conference room in the...
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    well its nearly 3 in the morning and I'm just now getting ready for bed so I suppose I count as nocturnal. My sleeping habits are all over the place. If I don't set an alarm I'll sleep 10 to 12 hours before getting up. If I let myself I'll stay up later and later every night getting up later and...
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    neb machine

    The pulmoaide is variable pressure and has a guage so you can see at what volume and pressue the air is being moved. So with a pulmoaide I would be inclined to say as long as the guage is correct and it keeps on keeping on, continue using it. I wouldn't suggest that if there wasn't a way of...