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    homeopathic remedies?

    Do you know whats the name they give to any Alternative Medicine medication when it is scientificaly proved that it works?? Medication.
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    CF Population predicted to increase

    I dont think so. CF population is going to decrease in a few decades. Now with the mutation tests CFers are diagnosed as newborns, that means that many parents can do something to avoid having a second CFer. Also the parents' relatives who are thinking about having kids can take the tests and...
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    My Church

    Now change "god" by "santa claus" and you´ll see that it makes perfect sense. Except that nobody 12 or older believes that santa claus is a real person living in the north pole.
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    My Church

    No way, faith can only exist in the absence of knowledge. If somebody knew the truth and could prove it there would be one single religion. If tomorrow Jesus appeared in Central Park and started making miracles and healing people everyone would become a Christian that same day because there...
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    My Church

    Dont mean to be offensive to anybody, but what would you say if somebody said that had found comfort and help to carry on with CF on Allah, Isis, Thor, Zeus or any other god? does it make them any more real? does it make any sense to you that somebody finds confort on Neptune or Krishna? For me...
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    My Church

    You mean that God isnt everywhere? that a simple human can take God away from where he or she is just by being evil? that's kind of heretic,isnt it? I was told that God is almighty, that he (or she) knows everything and is everywhere. who is wrong?
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    19 year old CF son not taking care of himself

    "since he is 19 he is an adult now and there is nothing I can do" Every time I hear that from a father at my local CF organization I just cant get it. There is nothing you can do to make him keep on doing the treatments? how about leaving him without money, computer, playstation, time out with...
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    online dating and CF disclosure

    Everything will be ok as long as you dont use her toilet.
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    I want kids and I'm 18

    What they do is literally cut a little piece of one of your testicles and get the sperm out of it to make an in vitro fecundation, just like they do with vasectomized men who want to have kids. Of course they put you to sleep, but once the anesthesia is gone the pain remains for a while. How...
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    I want kids and I'm 18

    If your Vas deferens is blocked (most probabbly) you wont be able to fertilize a woman naturally. But it doesnt matter, you can be a father as well. I know two cases of adult, responsible and independent male CFRS, not 18 yo kids, that are parents. All you have to do is go to a fertility center...
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    How bad is smoking pot?

    smoking pot is twice as healthy than cigs?? I think you mean is half as harmful. I assume you are an adult so I wont tell you what to do with your life, but smoking pot if you are applying for a job sure wont help. Not to mention the CF issues.
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    By the way, is it just me or CFers tend to have a strong temper? many of the cfers I know act like that when they are upset. They can be real sweet people but once they pass the line.... They are like Hulk!! I have seen it all between 15 yo kids and 50 yo adults.
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    Something a relative said to me at a wedding -- cried myself to sleep

    That's quite insulting too. (just joking)
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    Something a relative said to me at a wedding -- cried myself to sleep

    Weddings... weddings and alcohol can get our ghosts out of their box. Six months after my baby girl was diagnosed I went to a good friends' wedding. After lunch they put on the typical pictures of the couple since they were babies. I couldnt stop thinking if my baby was ever going to have those...
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    is home birth even an option?

    Alegris, I agree with you 100%. It´s just that every time somebody mentions "epidural" I remember that episode of my life. Dont get me wrong.
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    is home birth even an option?

    You will burn in hell for that, you know it?? its in the Bible: "in pain you shall bring forth children" Genesis 3:16 Epidural goes against the willing of God. Thats what an aunt of mine said to my 8 months pregnant wife. I will not reproduce my wife´s answer (it was...impolite)
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    is home birth even an option?

    Home conception is fine. Home birth is an unnecessary risk. What if anything goes wrong and you or the baby need the kind of help that only can be found in a hospital? Safety should be priority number one. For a CFer or a non CFer.
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    Condoms should be fine. As long as you use them properly!!! don't start "freestyle" and then put the condom once things get "hard", the condom should be there from the beggining, ok??? before it rains there are always a few drops falling, and thats all you need to get pregnant. I dont know how...
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    Need life advice - very personal

    Just a little tip about marijuana. If you need to take it you dont have to smoke it necessarily. You can always make it powder and put it in any kind of chocolate cake or similar. You are going to get just as high, may take a few minutes, and it wont damage your lungs (or not as much as smoked)...
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    My Church

    Besides, the idea of a God being able to cure CF and not doing it leads to guilt. I am from Spain a country where religion used to be very important, but it isnt anymore. Well, it is amazing how differently older parents look at CF from younger parents do. Most of the old fashioned used to hide...