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    Dishwasher temperature

    How can I figure out what temperature my dishwasher gets to? I am thinking about washing Emma's nebs in there. I would like to buy a Avent bottle sterilizer, but just don't have $80 extra dollars at the moment. Currently, I boil her nebs. It takes alot of time and I am looking for other safe...
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    Time to Pay for our Respitech Vest

    We have had the vest for a couple of months now and love it. But now it is time to pay. At the time it was ordered I was assured by the Respitory Therapist at our CF clinic that we would not have to pay anything for it. That the insurance company would cover the full amount. I knew it...
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    Could Your Rug Make You Sick?

    Read's carpet-care guidelines - and get tips on healthy spring cleaning - by clicking here: <a target=_blank class=ftalternatingbarlinklarge href=""></a>
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    Did your parents do anything special after CF Checkups?

    My husband and I are thinking of doing something special on the days that Emma has to go to the CF clinic. Something like: Make it a family day and take her out for a special lunch afterwards. Did you do something special with your parents on Clinic Day? If yes, what?
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    Do you do anything special with your Child after CF Checkups?

    My husband and I are thinking of doing something special on the days that Emma has to go to the CF clinic. Something like: Make it a family day and take her out for a special lunch afterwards. Do you do something special for or with your child on Clinic Day? If yes, what?
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    Recipes for Kids with CF

    I know there is a section for recipes, but I thought it would be a nice thing to have a thread in the Families section that has recipes specifically related to what our kids love to eat. Please share any high calorie recipes that your kids like. Here is a website someone sent me: <a...
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    Finally got approval for Synagis shots

    I recieved a letter in the mail yesterday stating that Emma is approved to get the shot 12/24/08-5/24/09! The CF center has been working with my insurance to get approval for several months. THANK YOU!!
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    Respitech Incorage

    We are ordering a vest next month. The clinic was going to order a Hill-Rom. They did not tell us we had a choice. But after seeing posts on here and contacting Doctor Warwick, we called and asked about the Incourage system. The Respitory therapist said we could go with that one if we...
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    Emma is getting a VEST!

    Emma had an appointment at the CF clinic yesterday. She is 1 year old now, so she is getting a Hill Rom VEST! She tried one on yesterday and we learned how to use it. I asked them to wait until January to order it because of insurance. The respitory therapist said she will put the order in...
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    Emma is turning 1 year old! 12/5/08

    My baby girl Emma is turning 1!!! <img src="">
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    Emma is having an Infant Pulmonary Function Test this morning

    Emma is having an Infant PFT this morning. Please pray that it goes better than last time! They had trouble sedating her when she had the last one 5 months ago. She was so hungry they could not keep her asleep. She can have formula until 3 am, so I woke her up at 2 am this morning to feed...
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    Parents - Do any of you have serious illness?

    I was diagnosed with MS in 2001. In 2003 the diagnosis was reversed and attributed to a B12 deficiency. Since then I have been doing pretty well until this summer. Dizziness, off-balance, etc and in the last few weeks my arm and neck went numb. I had an MRI done of my neck to see if I had...
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    Do you or have you made your own baby food?

    Emma is eating 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Stage Foods. Instead of continuing to buy jarred food, I am thinking I would like to prepare the food myself. Anyone else do this for their baby? Do you have any suggestions?
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    Does your child wear a mask to clinic?

    I read on someone's blog that the CFF protocol is for CF patients to wear a mask when at the CF Clinic. I had not heard this. Is it true? Does your chil wear a mask when they go to the CF Clinic?
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    Insurance denying Dietician

    Our insurance company is not paying for any charges related to the Dietician that sees her during her appointments at the CF clinic. I called the insurance company and was told that CF is not on their list of conditions where they will cover a dietician. She told me what conditions it is...
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    Anyone's child have a high Lead test?

    Emma had her blood lead level tested at her 9 month wellness check. It came back high. 7.8 it is still within the normal range but on the high side. Anything under 10 is in the normal range. I brought her in on Friday to have blood drawn from a vein. Last time she had a findger prick done...
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    Life with CF in it

    Today is my 5th Wedding Anniversary. This is our first anniversary since having Emma. My husband is working. Emma is taking a nap. I am sitting here reflecting on life before Emma. Trying to remember what we did for our anniversary last year. This year we cannot afford to do anything...
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    What does your infant eat in a day?

    I am curious what other babies are eatting. Here is a normal menu for my daughter in a day: <b>7:30am</b> 9 oz of formula Add pinch of salt <b>12:00</b> Rice Cereal mixed with 5 oz of formula A Whole container of Stage 2 Fruit. We give her a bottle of formla afterwards and she may eat 1-2 oz...
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    What are some of your favority CF websites or Blogs?

    Wondering what everyone's favorites are...
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    Clinic visit yesterday

    Emma's visit went well yesterday! It has been 2 months since they saw her. In that time, she gained 3 pounds 1 ounce and grew 1 inch! She is in the 55 percentile for weight and 25 percentile for height. They took a culture and we will find out her results next week.