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    Maui Living Furniture to help CFers

    Full disclosure: This is my family business - Maui Living Furniture. I'm not looking for sales referrals, just people in Hawaii who have CF and need a mattress that is free of all petrochemicals and flame-retardant chemicals. Both are highly toxic and are especially dangerous to those of us...
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    CF stools

    Ok, I don't really like talking about my bowel movements and such, but I've found that I must do it in my continued search for answers about my CF. So much of what I've experienced seems to go against "normal" CF. Yes, I know there really isn't any norm and that every case is different. Here's...
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    My diagnosis at age 34

    Hi all,I just thought I'd add my info here in case it helps someone down the road. I'm a 34 year-old active duty Marine and was just diagnosed last month as a side effect of determining that I have CBAVD. I have a p.L467P mutation and a 5T variant. I have tested positive on two sweat chloride...