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    Disability and working part-time

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone is on disability either SSI or SSDI and is working part-time. Can you explain the process to me? I am confused and calling SSA made me even more confused. I really want to work part time but I am afraid they will take away my benefits from me or decide...
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    Amikacin Recalled

    Did anyone receive the tainted vials of recalled Amikacin from Tevo Pharmaceuticals this past year? I was one of the lucky ones who received every lot recalled and suffered complications from it. I was curious if anyone else did and if so what type of complications have you had. Second...
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    Knoxville Tennessee CF Center

    I was hoping someone on here could give me some information about the Adult CF Center in Knoxville. I am moving next month and need to get acquainted with a new center. Any information would be great. Thanks
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    Amikacin IV recall- Anyone exposed to this????

    I wanted to know if any of my fellow CF'ers were aware of the FDA recall for IV Amikacin solution 2ml and 1 gram vials????? Recall due to potential glass particulate matter. If so did anyone exhibit any of the listed symptoms???? To get a full description of recall and the lots affected go to...
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    Dating another CF person

    Just curious if anyone else has dated or is dating another person with CF?
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    Not sure if anyone has heard about this or not but I have been getting a lot of information about this company in Bonita Springs Florida that is doing adult stem cell treatments. They actually have a section about Cystic Fibrosis along with other aliments. If you want to look into it they have...
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    Non Tuberculosis mycobacteria

    So I have been dealing with this crap for over 3 years now. On meds off meds, oral then IV. Just finished an 8 week Stent of IV meds. I was feeling pretty good but now I'm starting to feel fatigue again and coughing alot. My PFT's tend to drop when the Myco is active. My body has become...
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    Spouse just doesnt get it!!!

    Let me start by saying that I am truly blessed to have found such a wonderful man that accepts me and my CF (NEB) and all the other craziness that comes with it. However sometimes I just dont think he understands how it works. I have included my hubby in all of my medical care including doctors...
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    EMBARRASSING POST but.....Reality for CF Stomach Issues :0)>

    For all of my fellow CF'ers who know how embarrassing our stomach smells can be.......I wanted to share a possible solution to the problem. My mother found a product to "mask/cover-up" the wonderful scent of a CF belly LOL Its called Poo-Pouri. She found it on I was extremely...
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    Getting pregnant while awaiting Disability approval

    Im just curious if anyone got pregnant while on disability or awaiting approval? I am considering trying again while I am still some what healthy. I am awaiting a decision from disability. Im just not sure if they would appreciate the pregnancy lol The fortunate thing is since Ive been out of...
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    What Medications do you have to stop during Pregnancy????

    Im just curious what medications/antibiotics I need to stop while pregnant....anyone know? I take Cayston, Pulmozyme, Hyper, Xopenex {All neb} Avelox & Biaxin for Mycobacterium, and Zenpep. Thanks
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    Denied by Social Security

    I am soooooo pissed off right now, my blood is boiling. I filed for SSDI about a month ago and received my denial letter in the mail today. I am so frustrated with the government and how they conduct their so called reviews. Ive had no say in any part of the process, no one every called and...