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    Urgent Insurance decision

    I have *finally* been able to secure real CF testing and it is taking place in mid-october. Apparently having finally made it past the original pre-existing clause for not having insurace prior..we are now back at open enrollment <ahhh>. We got almost no warning on this and I need to decide...
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    enzyme test

    I've always believed that being missed as a child meant being PS . These days I'm really starting to wonder whether a small dosage of enzymes would help. So I saw *pancreatin* by twinlab (quadruple sttength) at my local whole food and decided to try it for a short time as an experiment...that...
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    Something to Ponder

    I've been debating whether to post this for several weeks, so here goes. The ears are connected to the nose and throat, infection is common in all these places and is probably capable of traveling between them. We treat people for ear infections and place isopropyl alchohol in the ears (swim...