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    What to do for stay at home work?

    I love to teach but it's hard when I'm sick. I don't like to be around preschool age kids and get really tired. I am curious to know what kind of stay at home work there is that I can do without getting scammed or spend an x amount of money.
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    Coughing up blood

    I hardly ever cough up blood. I have been on Ivs for 9 days and improving. I just started cayston again. Tonight I coughed up blood for a couple of minutes and that was the only time. What does this mean? Do I need to call the doc?
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    Coughing alot but no need for hospital. need tips/ advice on how to control it.

    I am in almost in need of a lung transplant. I don't use oxygen at home because my doctor said i don't need it and my oxygen level is still high when they do the 6 minute test. my lung functions are between 27- 30%. My problem is the weather here doesn't help my coughing. One day it is 84...
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    Pleas help! Need to switch jobs to be healthier

    I am very close to having to a lung transplant. I got all the testing done to get prepared. Now it is a wait and see. The doc dropped a bombshell and recommended that I don't teach preschoolers any more due to all the sickness and my low resistance to fight off bugs. I know this will help me be...
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    Have a little fun question for your worst day being hospitalized

    what is the worst day of doing hospital/iv meds? is your least favorite day your the first day of being admitted to the hospital. being released from the hospital to do home ivs or the last day of your iv meds? Why?
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    what to do when i get frustrated/sad/discouraged

    Since I'm so close to needing a transplant, I have been doing more hospital rounds and Iv rounds at home. I have done the iv rounds about 15 times in about 2 1/2 years. once i start getting my work and social life together along with my strength, i get sick again. I'm getting...
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    doctor visits feel like a fight. something always happens. what is your visits like?

    Does anyone feel like they "fight the system" everytime they go? I always think things go wil go smoothly but they don't. Here is what i am talking about. i just get so tired of dealing with trying to do everything. My latest appointment i pent 8 hours with medical appointment and traffic. saw a...
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    The earliest signs of infection?

    I don't know how to explain this. I'm not sick but I feel like I'm going to get sick. It's like the beginning of an infection. Ie I'm starting to feel tired and not hungry. It's getting harder to breathe. It's like a warning sign that i am going to get sick at any time but I cAnt call the doc bc...
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    frustrating test for lung trasnsplant

    very FRUSTRATED with my the person who scheduled my test for lung transplat test. she told me to fast when i didn't have to, forgot to give and orderor a test, she gave me the test without the location and a wrong doctor in the wrong location. everythingworked out great but its still...
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    So frustrated about telling my non cf friends about cf

    The title says it all. I was telling my close pal about the testing for my lung transplant and how I don't need my parents to be with me for every single test. I'm health and not in the hospital but do need a transplant in the near future. I'm going to check into the hospital hotel room so I...
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    How long does it take you to get sick?

    I know everyone goes throw this. I recently am experiencing some tightness in my lung. i know this is a first sign i am about to get sick. When you start seeing sign of an infection, how long does it take you to get sick enough to go to the hospital? are there any tricks you do to stop an infection?
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    do i need to switch jobs?

    Everytime I get sick, i get closer to being considered to be put on the transplant list. every time i get sick i miss alot of days of work. i am a teacher so i know that there are plenty of subs to take my place. I am concern that when i get sicker, i can't work as much and therefore not be...
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    Coughing alot and some pee ( embarrassed by this title. don't know how to say it)

    i know i have read this before about this little problem. sometimes i get into a big huge coughing attack that sometimes a little pee comes out or enough pee comes out to wet my underwear. kinda embarrassed to address this to the doctor. just wondering if anyone else experienced this. has this...
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    Need to stop a sinus infection/ cold

    How do you stop a sinus problem or a cold before it settles into you lungs? Need new ideals besides sleep or a rinse or treatments and sleep
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    Feeling so tired and exhAusted

    Does anyone feel so drained at the end of the day with dealing with all the responsibilities with your job and cf? There are nights were I get enough sleep but still feel so exhausted. There are days were I'm in my bed wanting to do nothing because cf is so demanding. The weather doesn't help...
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    Need for oxygen

    I am almost in need of a double lung transplant. One thing that is needed for me to be consider is my dependence for oxygen and I only use oxygen when I am in the hospital. From what I understand is that I need to be on oxygen all the time before I can be on the transplant list. Sometimes i feel...
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    using netflix or blockbuster in demand in the hospital

    I am wondering if anyone uses netflix or blockbuster in demand in the hospital? are there any other websites like netflix. i like the ideal of netflix but the only problem i have with it is that you have to pay 7.99 for streaming and another 7.99 for renting videos EVERY month. has anyone...
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    Port issue? When does it go bad?

    I feel like I strained a muscle coughing but my sore muscle is near my port. I don't have any soreness around my port. I'm just curious about the signs of a bad port. How can you tell if a port has gone bad?
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    Thirsty after treatments

    Sometimes I end up doing 3 to 4 breathing treatments at the same time. After I'm done, I get so thirsty,. Does anyone else experience this?
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    Need advice to stay away from hospital

    I have a major sinus problem right now. Right now i am having a runny nose and a scratchy throat. When I do a sinus rinse I get a lot of stuff out. I need some new tips to make sure this does not settle in my lungs to where I need to go to the hospital. How do u take care of yourself when u have...