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    Do you have to claim assistance on your taxes?

    Does anyone know if the CFPAP and/or the manufacturer patient assistance programs send out 1099 forms? I'd like to know if I need to budget paying taxes on the amount of assistance I get.
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    Question for NAC users

    Can you tell that it helps you? If so, how? Do you cough less? Get sick less often? Have more energy? I have been taking PharmaNAC for about 6 months, and I can't really say that I am noticing a difference in my health. Other things, like hypertonic saline and pulmozyme, I can definitely tell...
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    Anyone else have reactive hypoglycemia?

    The nutritionist at CF clinic told me I have reactive hypoglycemia - Every morning, I wake up feeling fine, sometimes hungry, and eat breakfast at around 7:30. Around 10:00, my blood sugar crashes - I feel ravenous, spacey, shaky, and sometimes sweaty. I eat a snack with protein and carbs, which...
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    Peak Flow vs PFTs

    I am a bit confused - yesterday I went to the allergist and they had my do PFTs and use a peak flow meter. I'm not very experienced using peak flow meters, so I don't know a lot about them. <br><br>My PFTs were good - FEV1 115%. However, my peak flow was not so good - according to the nurse...
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    Sinus treatment that is really helping me

    I recently switched ENTs after being a bit unhappy with my previous one. I had tried several different things - twice daily hypertonic sinuses rinses, adding baby shampoo to the rinses, Nasonex, and xylitol nasal spray. But I was still have chronic post nasal drip, congestion, reduced sense of...
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    How can you tell Pulmozyme helps you?

    At clinic the other week I asked my doctor why I wasn't on Pulmozyme. He said it was a quality of life thing - that, because I'm not a big sputum producer (i.e. I don't have much to thin - I cough something up like once every few weeks), the benefit may not outweigh the time it takes to neb the...
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    Can you do hypertonic saline in an eflow?

    I do mine in a Pari neb and it takes like 20 minutes, sometimes more. I'm curious if I could do it faster in an eflow, or if that would be way too much salt at once.
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    Quick - Anyone Know about Breastfeeding and IV Tobi?

    My doctor wants to start me on a 10-day course of IV Tobramycin tomorrow, and he told me that I can't nurse while I'm on it. But, when I looked up info about this, all I found was that it's a pregnancy category D med, but that it's safe for nursing because, whatever makes it into my milk won't...
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    I Had My Baby!

    Lillian Mabel was born on Sunday, May 30th at 8:35 AM! She weighed 7lbs 12oz and was 20-1/4 inches long. I went into the hospital for induction on Friday night. They administered Cervidil overnight and started Pitocin the next morning. I had 19 hours of active labor and 3-1/2 hours of pushing...
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    Anyone w/ CF Have a C-Section?

    It's looking like I am going to have to be induced this weekend. I'll be 41w2d pregnant on induction day, and my cervix hasn't changed since 37 weeks. I'm stuck at 1 cm dilated, 50% effaced, and -2 station. Also, the baby is measuring on the larger side. I've been having ultrasounds each month...
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    I have been having some mild swelling for about 2 months now. At 30 weeks I had to take my rings off, and my socks leave marks on my legs. Not too bad. And, so far, I have no signs of pre-eclampsia (my blood pressure has been fine and I have no protein in my urine). But, my feet are absolutely...
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    Anything I need to know about going into the hospital?

    I've only been in the hospital twice - the first time was 21 years ago, and the second time was 6 years ago and I wasn't even under the care of a CF doctor, so I'm pretty club med ignorant. Last night I had to go into Labor and Delivery because of contractions (everything is fine for now, knock...
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    Did Anyone Work Full Time While Pregnant?

    I want to start by saying I feel really lucky that I've been able to keep working 40 hours a week up until now (almost 25 weeks), but, now that the baby is keeping me up a night, (kicking), I am starting to struggle. I try to get in bed around 9:30, and my alarm goes off at 7:00, but it's a...
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    Hemoptysis During Pregnancy

    Does anyone know if hemoptysis is more common during pregnancy? I coughed up blood last night, which is something I very rarely do (and it was a larger quantity than I've ever coughed up). Then I started thinking about how our blood volume increases during pregnancy, and I've heard pregnant...
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    Doctors While Pregnant

    How many different doctors did/are you see while pregnant? Did you see a high risk OB, or just a regular OB? What about a perinatologist? How often did you did see your doctors? I'm just curious because I feel like my CF clinic is like "yay, your pregnant! See you at your regular check-up in...
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    Anyone Have GERD and get PG?

    So, I am pregnant again, although I am way too nervous to get excited yet, after what happened last time (I am only 13dpo right now). But, I need to start taking extra good care of myself. Which brings me to my question - what meds did you take for GERD while PG? I am currently on Zegerid, but...
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    Question for Those Who Have Done IUI

    So, it's been a while since I posted on here. The past few months have sucked in my TTC world - The last two cycles I was on 100mg clomid and ovulated so early that we didn't catch it and had to cancel the IUI. Now I am on 50mg clomid and getting in for an u/s early, to see if that helps...
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    Does This Happen to Anyone Else?

    So, I am usually pretty hungry in the mornings. I eat breakfast, but, by 10:00, I am usually starving, so I have a small snack if I can (sometimes I can't because of work meetings). That holds me over ok until I can eat lunch at 11:00, but I am still starving by then. For some reason, almost...
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    Acid Reflux

    I used wake up in the middle of the night really wanting my albuterol. The CF doctor I saw the year I lived in Boston (about 6 years ago) said this is caused by acid reflux, and she put me on prilosec. It helped, but not completely. I still wake up in the morning really wanting my albuterol...
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    Bad News :(

    We found out on Monday that we lost the baby <img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-sad.gif" border="0"> Now we are just waiting for my body to miscarry naturally. We were only 4-1/2 weeks, so I am trying to be thankful that it happened early, and I am trying to be thankful that we know that we...