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    110 degree heat and oxygen %

    I live in Texas and its 110 degrees right now!..just curious to know if the heat can affect your oxygen %?..i usualy sit 97-98 but here it seems i been more 95-96..and i like my higher numbers..i recently stopped ivs a week ago but just wanderi if this heat can make it a little harder to breathe...
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    Whaa the best way to keep neb cups clean?

    My nebs are never damp they dry prety quick if your saying thats the only reason not to use the water after its cool..i dont wait for it to be cold i just use it when its warm/hot ao it doesnt melt my disposable cups
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    Whaa the best way to keep neb cups clean?

    So now im confused..if im not taking the water straight from boiling to pour over my nebs after they have been sitting in alcohol for 20mins are you saying i still have germa on them?..and the ines i have are pari, and the disposable ones and the ones with a blue lid and a harder plastic..iv...
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    Whaa the best way to keep neb cups clean?

    These are the cheap disposable ones so they melt very easily..the water they get rinsed off with had already been boiled and my respiratory lady said once its been boiled it is safe to use even when cooled down cause you already killed any bacteria..the drying is done by the time im ready for...
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    Whaa the best way to keep neb cups clean?

    Sometimes il even wash them with soapy water..then rinse them then let them soak in alcohol gor 20mins and ten boil water on the stove for 5mins and then rinse them off with that boiling water once its cooles and then i let them air dry thats still ok to right? I need more neb cups because this...
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    Whaa the best way to keep neb cups clean?

    So im seeing how everyone keeps there nebs and equipment clean..i have mrsa so i need to be extra sanitary..i do have a nuk steralizer and for right now i wash my neb cups in warm soapy water and then rinse with regular tap water and then place them on the steralizer is this not enough or am i...
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    For those who experienced a lung colapse

    I didnt have any procedure done to connect my lung back on the wall it went back up and stuck on its own..the transplant doc said its my hoping doing diaphramic exercises will make it better <img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif" border="0">
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    For those who experienced a lung colapse

    Ive noticed ever since my lung colapsed that now i have his weird spasm seems like over my heart or maybe its a muscle around there its anoying i get it when i wear oxygen as well when on the treadmill..i just got out of hospital i did my treadmill in there and always had the heart monitor on...
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    Keeping on top of MRSA

    Just curious to know what everyone does to stop this bug multiplying! thinking airway clearance vest and treadmill to keep the mucus out so it doesnt have a breeding ground! Thats being said im on home ivs and im trying to get my fev up when i was in hospital i got on the treadmill everday...
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    Ovulation causing breathing probelms that time of month?

    Just curious to know if when us women ovulate if it causes or can cause breathing to be more short?..i also notice i get bad panic atacks that time to? Im hoping i get some feedback <img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif" border="0"> thabks!
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    Sinus surgery

    Growing up I never had many sinus i do remember having a polyp and my doctor warned that the surgery could be life threatning? Meaning the mucus could go to the brain and i could die?..that bein said weve been not so keen to jump on here seems last couple years i been getting...
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    Sinus surgery

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    Symbicort vs advair

    Hey so wandering if theres any difference is these two?..cause if not maybe shmbicort would be better?..i almost kinda like the inhaler verse the powder ..but wanted to know if results will be just as good as in increasing the fev? I do also have flovent at home to not sure whats good way to go...
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    Inhaling feeling restricted due to all over back soreness?

    What iv done is over strained myself using the vest my muscles i can feel them stretching is weird ..can this make your oxygen lower since it refrains you from expanding as well as you could?..also my micus completely dried up an i couldnt even shift anything because i guess i straimed my rib...
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    Inhaling feeling restricted due to all over back soreness?

    I came into hospital yesterday because my back of my lungs is so did xray and it shows some beter changes compared to last xray..i have no clue why my back is so tight <img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-sad.gif" border="0">
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    Sorry need to delete other post..MRSA ABLE TO GET RID OF AFTER 3yrs?

    Im being told by many cfers that there doctor was able to get rid of this by an oral named clendimycin(sp)?..and three iv's vanc, tobi, and something else..when i first started culturing it there was never a big deal to strongly get rid of it and now that i hear how other cf people were treated...
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    In hospital again..wandering if even though ive

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    Alot of people may not like what im fixing to say..but my personal experience with "Havoc" was always some kind of issue..i could t say anything in here without a smart remark or comment..let alone kicked me off the site because conclusions were assuming my profile was fake and that he wanted me...
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    To those who have cultured MRSA..

    Just curious to know what your cf docs have done for you when you cultured MRSA
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    Got my Xoponex Free?!..wasnt expecting that!

    How is that? I just feel almost anything i post you have something negative to say nobody else does that to me on my post.