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    Middle income and doctor bills

    I just need to vent somewhere somewhat anonymous. I was curious what others of middle income do to manage their bills. I had numerous years that debt built up while my income was fairly low (but not low enough for good help). I couldn't file bankruptcy because about 9 years ago I filed when I...
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    Edema and pain in the legs/ joints

    Anyone have any suggestions? I normally have a lot of pain issues with my joints. The last couple days, however, the pain has been beyond my joints. My legs, from about my calf down, has been super sore non-stop, and the lower part of my legs has been swelling up quickly after walking around...
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    Insulin...Injection or pills?

    I'm awaiting my appt. with the endo, my doc told me I may have to start taking insulin, my 1 hour result of my OGT was 287, 2 hour was 72. I was wondering how everyone administers their insulin. Do you take shots or pills? The doc told me that it would likely be shots.
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    severe absorption problems (maybe TMI)

    Looking for some input. I have never had the best luck with absorption (like many of us I imagine). Even so, I have never taken too much pancrease because I normally get obstructions. So, I take a lot of pancrease, gain a few pounds, get an obstruction, then lose that weight. Thats how it...
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    I currently take 5-6 pancrease MT-20's per meal. Even with this, they seldom help regulate me, my weight is low (about 120 lbs, 5'7"). I was curious how many others here take, how effective they seem, and any suggestions some of you may have. I take my enzymes about a half hour before I eat...
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    Niacin Flush

    Niacin causes your capillaries (small blood vessels) in your body to get wider (bigger). The capillaries are usually extremely small and blood passes through them very slowly. The inherent problem with this is that capillaries are the main way for your body to rid itself of toxins. Your...
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    Financial Problems

    I'm really putting this out there. I was just curious how many people have been largely affected financially by cf? I have things somewhat under control now, but in the last few years, I have had a lot of insurance problems leading to many bills. There are so many, and for so much, that...
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    obstruction surgery

    Well, I have gotten another bowel obstruction. I get them often, and bad. This one needed a surgery (# 3). They went in and found a ton of scar tissue on the small intestine and had to cut it out. Other than this, I felt perfectly fine before the surg. Well, now I am on oxygen (4 liters/...