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    Cf & school... 504, public, charter, private...???

    My daughter is 7 w/CF, I just removed my little social butterfly from 2nd grade because the public school wasn't delivering meds right and refused to change procedure. I am homeschooling now, but amconsidering a college prep charter school. If I go this route, what should be in a CFer's 504...
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    G-tube.... Mickey, one-step, or the button?

    My daughter allissa is getting her g-tube on friday. a nurse came in and went over things with us, I am a bit overwhelmed. They showed us the button, the mic-key and the one step. Does anyone have any advice, pointers or recommendations as to which works best? Allissa is only 7 and I need...
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    Sinus Surgery... Good or Evil??

    My daughter is 7 and has DDF508, She has had 2 sinus surgeries (the latest 3 months ago). She was hospitalized 3 days ago and on Friday the dr.s want to do another sinus surgery (with a g-tube, tonsils out, adenoids out, and place a ph probe). The adult CF pulminologist at our center came to our...