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    Importing Trikafta?

    Hi, yes unfortunately the TGA makes things very hard. Im hopeful they will make it available soon
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    9 years since borderline sweat & 1 gene mutation found. Retest??

    You might want to get your genes sent to ambry in California who can run the entire sequence of Chromosome 7 where CF occurs. We are seeing less severe types of CF in people.
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    Importing Trikafta?

    Whoops mean to say Lauren has advocated for orkambi in Australia
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    Importing Trikafta?

    I'm Aussie too. You could contact Lauren Rowe @ rejecting Lauren . She has advocated for orkambi to be delivered to the USA. In typical Aussie fashion we know that we are SO behind the USA in CF therapies. I don't have CF but I supported someone with CF who passed away. And I also knew a family...
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    Which pump ?

    I come to the u.s.a a lot and on a lot of neb medicines like everyone else. Hypertonic, albuterol, and antibiotics. I don't qualify for pulmozyme in Australia. I can't use my Aussie pump as we are on a different voltage and plug. I had a old pump I bought in the u.s.a about 10 years ago but it...