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    Trying to find answers

    Thank you for responding, It is quite overwhelming, up until February of this year I had no idea what CF was, its alot to take in. I just do not know what to expect and waiting and waitung not knowing is the hardest part for me. I will definitely keep updating as we go through the process.
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    Anyone with Mutation 3849+10kbC-T

    Hi, my husband (age 34) doctor has referred us to a CF clinic for further testing because he thinks he may have CF. we had a baby who newborn screen showed him to be a carrier, and it turns out so is my husband he was tested for the 97 most common cf mutations and came back he has one copy of...
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    5T, 7T and 9T varient

    Can someone please explain to me what these are?? Thank you
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    Trying to find answers

    Hi, my name is Cece, Im a mother of 5 amazing little boys, It wasn't until recently when we had our last baby that we knew my husband is a carrier for CF mutated gene 3849+10kbC-T and passed it to our newest baby. The moment I got the call from the state telling me his results for the newborn...