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    RX assistance programs / General Assistance

    Over the years I have run across all kinds of "goodies" that have made my life much easier. Other than my doctor visits and admissions, I really don't pay for my meds, even the co-pays after my private insurance. I have compiled the below database and wanted to pass it along. Hope it helps...
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    Just some words of hope to those applying....I had my interview on Nov. 1 and checked my bank account today and my payment was there...I was approved on the first try. So don't get discouraged it does happen. I used Beth Sufian's office they were amazing, we began the process in August with...
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    Body Ache

    Does anyone else experince body ache...almost constantly with their CF? My legs, knees, and shoulders ache all day. A gluten free diet does seem to help, but I hate it. Has any one's doc given meds for this?
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    Question for those of you on SSDI and Medicare. Did you buy a supplement policy to help with helath care expenses? I am about to go on SSDI and Medicare and am a little worried, medicare doesn't look like the best coverage out there. thanks.
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    Help Insurance Question!

    I am in open season for my insurance and thinking about switching plans because of cost. Here is my question: The plan has an out of pocket max of $5000.00. However the plan brocure states copays for specialty drugs not filled through the plan specialty pharmacy do not count towards the out...
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    Newbie here... I am in the process of applying for SSDI - I am lucky enough to have the help of Beth Sufian's firm. I meet 2 out of the 3 criteria aside from having CFRD and having my 3rd sinus surgery this past April. For those of you all on SSDI, what / how did you generate income while...