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    Importing Trikafta?

    Hello Currently Trikafta is not approved here in Australia, but reading on the Therapeutic Goods Administration site for Australia you are able to import certain medicines for personal use provided you follow strict guidelines. So my questions are: as someone with CF whose CF team are...
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    Treatment time tobramycin

    Hi all I do to tobramycin nebules through a pariboy sx compressor, years ago treatment times were around 20 mins or so now they seem to be taking around 40 minutes, which is quite time consuming I am thinking of switching back to the tobi podhaler, before i do does anyone have any advice or had...
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    Trikafta eligibility

    hi all How does one find out based on my mutations if I am eligible for Trikafta? I have one copy of delta f508 and another which I am unsure if ai am eligible or in the 10% that isn’t is there a list where you can check ? Thanks Stock 41 w cf
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    Pariboy Pump and Tobramycin issue

    Hey All, Wondering If anybody that uses the Pariboy SX Pump compressor has the issue of when doing nebulised tobramycin it can sometimes become quite frothy which results in treatment time going from 15 mins to like 30-40 minutes. Any tips on why or how to fix this it happens every so often...
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    Anyone have this combination?

    DF508 and L467P also knows as c.100T OR P.lEU467Pro thanks I am 38 male diagnosed at 6 months with CF If anybody knows f any websites to research and find out more about mutations I would be grateful for the links. thanks in advance Jake 38 Melbourne Australia
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    anyone have DeltaF508and p.Leu467pro

    Hello just found out my mutations Hoping someone else has these or any information about them. exact sequence is c.1521-1523delCTT and p.Leu467Pro i was told the second one is a rare type i am 36 years old from melbourne australia lung function 85%_89% have only started to feel the impact...
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    Hello, I am a 28 year old male and like to think I keep well. I am curious to what peoples FEV scores are. I am 5 foot 7 weigh 66 kilograms not sure in pounds. My last FEV was 3.9 Litres (102) (predicted) I am a bit naive and was wondering what do these numbers mean? What are other peoples...