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  1. jimcaldwell

    Orkambi or Trikafta?

    Trikafta is a superior product. Orkambi seemed more like a pre-release version and Trikafta is much more refined with less side effects and better efficacy.
  2. jimcaldwell

    San Antonio Adult CF Clinic

    Hi @MissAlexsBP . I haven't heard anything about San Antonio but my daughter has gone to the Austin clinic for almost 9 years. It is reasonably good and has improved over the last 5 years. Not that you want drive 1.5 hours away, but if things aren't good in SA, then Austin is always an option.
  3. jimcaldwell

    Beth Sufian's guide to insurance

    The link still is not working
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    CFF Article about the First Global Study of COVID-19 in Children With Cystic Fibrosis Reports Reassuring Outcomes

    I think CF people have done very well in general with respect to COVID-19. My feeling is that most CF people/families have more awareness when it comes to avoiding infections, social distancing, etc. So adapting to COVID guidelines haven't been a new thing in a sense.
  5. jimcaldwell

    Covid19 vaccine and CF

    I think it should be fine. I don't see anything that requires a CFTR protein being involved in the vaccine, so I would think it should work on CF people the same way as non-CF people.
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    Indrepta Plus

    It's been a little over 3 years since we released our first product Indrepta in a joint project between Sharktank Research Foundation and Planetary Biosciences. It has been helpful to many people so far. We did a little crowdfunding a few months ago and are now in the process of creating a...
  7. jimcaldwell

    Would you Recommend the Vest?

    It really depends how much mucus you produce or not. Also, you might want to look at the AffloVest, as it is significantly quieter and you are not tethered to the vest apparatus.
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    Hi David, this is a test message to see if you received the private message. Thanks Jim

    Hi David, this is a test message to see if you received the private message. Thanks Jim
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    Hi Jeanne, this is a test for private messaging

    Hi Jeanne, this is a test for private messaging
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    My baby is here!

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    THis is a message test

    We upgraded from 4.2.2 to 4.2.5 vBulletin
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    Hillrom Vest free

    I have a Hillrom Vest Model 104 with 197 hours of use, if someone needs one. It has an Adult Small vest included.
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    Wellness Protocol

    Sharktank Research Foundation has recently published a Wellness Protocol online, as an aid to help people with CF contemplate all options of care in a comprehensive manner. Since CF is a very complex condition, there are many ways to consider its management. This can be found at...
  14. jimcaldwell

    Experiences with Indrepta and TauriNAC

    Hi Helenlight, I helped produce both products (TauriNAC and Indrepta) though the non-profit organization Sharktank Research Foundation. At the same time my 20 year old daughter has been taking Indrepta for 1.5 years and TauriNAC some of the time. In the first 5 months she went from 71% to 83%...
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    Hi, I recently posted my daughter's experiences with Indrepta after using it for 4 months ( This product was co-developed by Sharktank Research Foundation and Planetary Biosciences. After being available for 7 months, I think we can say it...