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    Voting opened for DAFCF

    VOTE HERE: Voting has opened and Disability Advocates For Cystic Fibrosis needs your votes PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! You DO have to "allow" this FB application in order to vote, but once voting closes on the 19th...
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    Chase Communiti Giving- DAFCF Has been nominated

    Just a heads up, DAFCF ( was nominated by someone (bless their soul!!!!!) for the Chase Community Giving Grant. We've passed the acceptance period and beginning September 6, 2012 and ending September 19, 2012, Chase customers with a Chase online account and Facebook users can vote...
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    Lisa worthington Brown updates

    From her friend Sandy: Lisa Update: Yesterday Lisa had another CT scan, and it showed what we already suspected. The cancer is progressing rapidly, with new tumors and growth in the old. We are working hard to adjust pain meds to keep her comfortable. She had to have a blood transfusion...
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    Charging for DAFCF...

    I need some feedback here and welcome your opinions please!!!!! Would you use DAFCF ( for services if they charged on a contingent fee basis? Meaning, as a client you woudn't pay unless your case (SSA, VA, medical/medicaid, insurance claims denials...) was WON, and it would be a...
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    Please help keep its doors open in 2012

    Assome of you might know,DAFCF is struggling to keep their doors open for 2012. DAFCF is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) that provides a number of legal advocacy services for persons/families with CF, who need assistance in navigating a number of services inclu<span class="text_exposed_show">ding...
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    Virtual fundraiser?

    In the past I've always done a mail fundraiser for DAFCF (<a href=""></a>)  and it has worked fairly well.  This year though, I decided to do a combo of a mailing fundraiser and virtual fundraiser.  Mostly to save in postage and the costs associated with...
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    Consumer Protection - Medicaid and Medicare services

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    What is going on????

    What is with the forums NOT posting messages, then posting 10 of the same messages.  not moving threads with new posts to the "top", and post that people make not showing up for 12-24 hours.  This is driving me insane...anyone else?!?!?!?!  This has been ongoing (on and off) for a week...
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    Cut off topics???

    <P>Is anyone else having issues with the right side of the screen being "cut off"?  Like the persons sentence keeps going and doesn't move down to the next line, and I can't move it over to see what else is in the 'box".</P> <P> </P> <P>I've tried 3 different computers today with this same...
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    Legally married versus ceremonial marriage

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    Aren't we all fighting the same fight?!?!?!

    I'm sooo frustrated and I don't know where else to vent this frustration, so I hope here is ok. Had a telephone conference with my local CFF chapter this week about setting up a table or something of the sort at the Great strides this year. I simply wanted to hand out flyers about my...
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    Please Pray for Lisa

    Hey everyone, Please keep Lisa worthington brown in your prayers. She lost her husband Gess a few months back and now she's been given a very serious medical diagnosis of her own. I know she visits these boards infrequently, but if you do pray, PLEASE add her to your prayer list!
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    Ann Rose mother to Daniel Kicklighter

    If you see this post, please email me at I got your message through the tax tips section, but for some reason got no contact information to reach you.
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    Hospital Indemnity Policy for CFers

    Just though I'd pass this info along. Aflac no longer offers hospital indemnity policies to CFers (as some of you might know), BUT a company called Combined Insurance does currently offer it. I'd recommend you all check it out before they hop on the "no CFers" bandwagon too. They do exclude...
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    Red tide study and CF

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    Ordinairly I'd search previous posts but I don't have time and the moment and am looking for some answers/guidance rather ungently so please forgive me. Cayston... it's a new antibiotic, right? Does it target specific CF bugs? If so, which ones? If not, is it just a general antibiotic that...
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    Business Tax questions?

    Is anyone on here an accountant that has dealt with Business taxes before, particularly 501(c)(3)'s? I have some questions...
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    NOT CF related... Judge Judy

    So totally not CF related but I've got my 10 minutes of fame or so tomorrow on Judge Judy. It's episode #3631 and you can check for the air time in your city here <a target=_blank class=ftalternatingbarlinklarge href="
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    Transplant questions

    It's been a LONG time since I've posed anything about Mark but I've got some questions and I'd love some guidance! He was admitted to the ICU on Tuesday, for a really bad exaserbation. He was transferred out of ICU on Friday and went home this afternoon. They sent him home on 02, this is a...
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    Grant writing

    I know there is someone on this site with professional grant writing experience, but for the life of me I can't remember who. If it's you, can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE contact me, I have some question. Thank you!!!!!!!!!