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    Hello everyone. I started this new school program which is 40 hours a week and 20 hours in driving and homework= total 60 hours. I am exhausted and am waking up at 5am every day. Last time my pfts were 76 percent and I could breath well. My pfts must be down about 5 percent because Im to the...
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    Those who have applied to disability

    I am getting ready to apply for disability. Lung function is good, its around 78 percent. The problem is that I have had a lot of coughing up blood over the last couple years. I am in the food service industry as a waitress and I really cant do the job with CF anymore. I need training to get...
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    Have any of you applied to a scholarship for CF and got it? If so, which did you apply for? I have applied to many through Boomer Esiason and have not received one. I am single (No kids, no husband, no family), moderate income (25-30k a year), approx. 3.0 gpa. Even though I am able to work and...
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    I contracted MAC/Aspergillus a couple years ago. I had three positive tests to in a row that confirmed I had them both. In the last year, I have now had 3-4 tests that showed no MAC and Aspergillus. Dos that mean that they went away on their own? I decided not to treat. My doctor said the last...
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    Can someone please explain how carriers work? So my grandparents had four kids. One of them was my mother, and I have CF. No one else in my family has CF. The grandchildren are starting to have children now. My cousin is pregnant and she found out she is a f508 carrier . I am double delta f508...
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    Pain in lung

    I am having a pain in my lung under my armpit put closer towards my back. I don't feel it too much when Im sitting but when Im moving around, I feel it. I almost couldn't get through my work shift last night but I had no choice but to keep working. Is this caused by inflammation maybe? I feel...
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    Tricks of the trade!

    I wanted to start this for tips to share with other CFers that you have found to work well for your body and CF. We have the disease, we know our bodies, why not share our secrets!
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    How often?

    How often do you all get your standard illness that normal people get. Sore throat, fever, cough, in bed? Its been almost a year since I have gotten sick, before that... it was 6 months. I am a food server and I had a table come in with all sick women, 8 of them, coughing all over the place...
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    I am interested to know how often you all cough up blood. I coughed up blood again after my work shift. I coughed it all up in my hand because it was coming up quick. I did make it to the bathroom where no one saw, I felt the gurgling. It seems to be ever 6 months I am doing this and it lasts...
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    Has anyone had his happen

    I woke up with my joint pain yesterday. Just a little pain in my knee. I did my exercising anyways and was a tiny short of breath when running. I went to work that night and joint pain was getting a lot worse. It was now in all my major joints. While at work, I developed a different kind of sore...
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    what do you think this is?

    Hello, so I went to NY for a family's wedding. I took the red eye out and got no sleep all night. I had a fever the next couple nights. I was freezing and put a ton of blankets on me. The day of the wedding, I had a couple beers with everyone. By the end of the night, my ankles were so swollen...
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    I wanted to get some info about going on disability. Here is a general background of me. I am low income, food server and in school full time. I have very little family, only my mother who lives in the same state as me but can not afford to help me financially. I am single, not married, and I...
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    I just got finished with my 11th nasal polyp removal and my 13th surgery overall. The other 2 were for kidney stones. I have had really bad hemoptysis a couple months ago. Do you think its possible that the all anesthesia could be breaking down my lungs allowing so much blood to come out. I...
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    I have cystic fibrosis and I am doing a PowerPoint presentation tomorrow in my anatomy class in order to spread awareness. I am handing out straws as a demonstration so they can see what it is like to breath with cystic fibrosis. Would it be correct to say that someone on the transplant list...
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    Can someone please explain to me how CF causes the heart to fail and transplant may be needed? When I was sick in the hospital coughing up blood, they saw heart failure on the CT scan and told me I have a "leaky valve." Now that I am learning about the heart in one of my classes, the leaky valve...
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    Hello, sat night I started coughing up blood after working a 7 hour shift on my feet. Earlier that day, I jogged a mile. I have been feeling fine besides the blood. The blood on sat night was a lot. Enough to fill two hands full. It stopped and I was fine sunday. Monday night I coughed up a...
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    Has anyone given up coffee in order to reduce inflammation? I read on a couple websites that coffee is not good for those who have inflammation. I cultured Mac about two years ago and have had more episodes of coughing up blood. The other day after work, I went to sit down in my car and the...
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    lip cuts

    Does the corner of your mouth where the edge of your lips are split like a paper cut? I sure most would think that "oh my lips are so dry and then I opened my mouth too wide, and it split" but I know it has to do with CF and possible yeast infections. It stings when you eat something spicy or...
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    Lung bacterias

    Can someone give me a list of the different bacteria's that a person can culture with CF. Just the main ones please. I am wanting to know the severity of the different things we culture from least severe to worst.
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    6 days straight, coughed up blood

    I wanted to know if anyone has had this happen to them before. It started out with the night sweats for a week, but I was feeling normal besides that. Then I started to feel really tired and I coughed up blood one night. I always cough up blood around 6pm-7pm when I sit or lay down in bed but I...