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    How do you like your Vest?

    I do 60-minute sessions, changing frequency every 15 minutes. On a typical day, I do about 3 hours, but during an exacerbation I do 5-6 hours day, whether I am in inpatient or at home.
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    Flu after getting the vaccine

    Just wanted to add some perspective to the story referenced in an earlier post, about a woman who supposedly developed neurological issues after a flu shot...
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    GI doc needed in CT

    Hi, I have CF and go to Yale as well. I am 42. I have been through half the entire GI team there and just yesterday went to Boston to see Dr Steven Freedman about Pancreatitis (thanks to Printer!). If I may ask, what GI issue specifically are you seeking help for?
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    Pulmonary MRSA and Cystic Fibrosis

    Since my first confirmed MRSA colonization 5 or 6 years ago, my relative lung health has taken a nose dive. Whereas I might have needed IVs once a year or even every few years, I'm on average needing them every 5-6 months, with several rounds of oral Antibiotics in between. I also find that my...
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    New clinic protocol recommeded by Cystic Fibrosis Canada

    When you are in the hospital, you can request gloves/gowns etc. Because of my MRSA, they've been covering up for years, and I like it. Granted, they can still transmit bacteria on any area - shoes, especially - but precautions help minimize risk.
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    Lung bacterias

    The bottom line is that everyone is different. Some people acquire more "severe" infections, some don't. You can also get very sick with a "mild bacteria" and only get mildly sick with a "severe" bacteria. Some people culture bacteria and don't show symptoms. I have a few friends who culture...
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    Need Help, Once again, I wasn't ready for this

    Have they ever tried antibiotic Rinses? Ask for an ENT appt, get a culture, and see of they recommend antibiotic rinse. I use Gentmamycin rinses every couple of months with moderate success. I had sinus surgery 4 years ago but have new polyps they need to take out. Sometimes that helps, because...
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    Adult CF?

    The only way to know for sure is to have a sweat test, and if that's inconclusive, get a DNA test. Nobody here can diagnose you. As for your symptoms, they don't scream "CF" to me, but CF varies from person to person. Good luck and I hope you find answers.
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    In PAIN, hospital NOT helping

    You don't have to go to a CF center to get an x-ray. Any hospital ER or outpatient Radiology department (if it's not an emergency, I'd suggest just going to your local hospital's radiology dept) can do it and send the results to your doctor.
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    can someone help please!!!!

    I find it odd that your doctor said that he doesn't know what is causing your shortness of breath and didn't seem to try to get to the root of the problem. What did your doctor do when you saw him? Are your PFTs down? Are you producing more or a change in type of mucus? Are your blood oxygen...
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    Being on O2 and seeing "stars"?

    I have been in the hospital for the past 12 days and on O2 for the second time (outside if surgery) and the longest time ever. I am down to 1.0 liter (from 4.0) and my sats are 96-97 on 1 liter. The problem is that I have been seeing little white "stars" since then and nobody says they have...
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    Anyone ever join a class-action case against a pharmaceutical company?

    I have twice suffered unexpected side effects due to use of a particular medication. The first time, I didn't know that it could have contributed to the health issue; the second time, my doctors were pretty confident that the medication was to blame. Does anyone have any experience with this...
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    Is there ways to raise your oxygen percent?

    A few suggestions: 1. Increase your airway clearance. 2. Increase your airway clearance. 3. Increase your airway clearance. No, really, I believe that working on clearing secretions is paramount to increasing lung function and oxygen levels. I have noticed a huge change in my energy, endurance...
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    Daughter without CF

    This story sounds so odd. It's better to know sooner than later so that her physician(s) can create a treatment plan. When my niece was born, the hospital automatically did a CF test on her and they found out the results right away. They now test every newborn; they didn't even know that there...
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    Germ control and shaking hands

    <div class="FTQUOTE"><begin quote><i>Originally posted by: <b>saveferris2009</b></i> Having bacteria on your hands doesn't make you sick. If you never touched something that would go in your mouth, eyes or nose, you would never be exposed to the bacteria. If you wash your hands for 20 seconds...
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    Germ control and shaking hands

    Since my last hospitalization and IV course (3 meds, 12 hours of infusion plus 6 sessions of RT per day), I've become really careful about catching infections from people. As a result, I have decided not to shake hands anymore, and not to hug anyone who I know is sick or might be sick. I don't...
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    nightly night sweats -- is this normal?

    I am naturally "hot" and rarely sleep with more than a light sheet over me. Things that make my sweating worse during the day - layers, bras, wearing my hair down, coughing fits, when my pacreatitis pain hits me, when I am short of breath. I have to wear hats when I go outside in the warm...
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    Looking for Specialists in CF Pancreatitis

    I am 40 yr old female with CF, have had CFRD for 12+ years, Double Delta 508 mutations. I chronically culture strains of PA and MRSA. I have a lot of GI problems - GERD, IBS, DIOS, and Pancreatitis. I've been suffereing for five years with chronic pancreatitis pain and nausea. When the symptoms...
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    Vitamin D = IBS symptoms?

    I really think that it's working for my immune system, which stinks because I really think the D is killing my stomach. I need to talk to my doctor about different delivery systems. Thank you so much!
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    Pancreatitis and The Vest

    Thank you for the replies. I think I just have to suck it up, because the Vest has been doing amazing work for me. Thanks again!