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    Erapid nebulizer easycare instructions

    Oh wow. Thanks. I gave up too easily. Ha.
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    Erapid nebulizer easycare instructions

    Unfortunately, I found this and it's in Dutch or something. :(
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    Erapid nebulizer easycare instructions

    I have an Erapid nebulizer and it's not working right. Treatments are taking way too long. I wanted to try cleaning it with the easycare system but I can't find the instructions for it anywhere online. Anyone have them or can walk me through it? Also my Altera nebulizer for Cayston works...
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    Bleeding - Rifampin???

    I was on that combo for years. Never had blood in my stool. A bit of orange pee, bUT no blood. Call the doc.
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    Tobi Podhaler Denied

    I have Aetna and my pod haler was approved. I used their specialty pharmacy. What reason are they giving for the denial? I pretty much fought every month for even my nebulized tobi with my last insurance company. I did have to fight a bit for the Pod Haler. Some issue with the quantity. I...
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    Cyproheptadine question

    Periactin (Cyproheptadine) question I searched the forum and couldn't really find anything that exactly addressed my question, so forgive me if this has been covered. I just started being seen by a CF center and now I am on a lot of new medicines and treatments. I wasn't diagnosed until I was...
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    F508 & d110h

    Yeah, I would be interested to know. I've never asked my doctor and maybe I should next time I see him. Since I was diagnosed only a few years ago, I am sort of new to all of this information.
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    F508 & d110h

    Good question. I'm not sure if it's the same or a different gene. I just know on my report that's how it's written d110h2. I was definitely asymptomatic as a child. I was almost never sick. I got pneumonia for the first time in my mid 20s. And then I'd get sick every six months. They found...
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    F508 & d110h

    Just to echo what others have said, make sure you take your daughter to a CF clinic. I have F508 & d110h2 and I was never sick as a child. I was diagnosed when I was 30 after years of chronic infections in my lungs. While I was healthy for most of my life, I can't help but think earlier...
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    Starting treatment for MAC: few questions

    I was treated for MAC for a very long time. I did one stretch of 18 months, stopped for a few months and then I think I did another year. I am pretty sure my meds and the dosage was the same as what you've listed. My Ethambutal might have been lower. I tolerated the meds fairly well, but I...
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    Transplant Center in Houston

    Hello everyone, I am freaking out a little and I need some input. I am a teacher and my school district just emailed to announce that in January we're switching health plans from Blue Cross Blue Shield to Aetna. If I remember correctly from my old district, the University Transplant Center in...
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    Is Texas a good state to live in with CF, are Insurance and CF Hospitals/Centers good

    I moved from Boston to Austin, but it was before I was diagnosed. I don't go to the CF clinic at Dell, but I have heard good things. I have a coworker whose daughter has gone there since she was a baby. They also treat adults. As far as insurance, to echo what others have said, Texas is...
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    JUST BREATHE: Portraits, 3 Days Left

    I'm so glad this project is coming to fruition. I can't wait to see the finished product.
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    coughing help

    Not that I know of. In June I was hospitalized for psuedenomonas. That's the only thing I've been culturing lately. But my last check war in June.
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    coughing help

    Warning this might be gross for some people... my coughing the past few days had been getting pretty bad. It's now to the point where I cough so hard I'm throwing up. I just tried to use my nebulizer and had to stop because I kept coughing and then throwing up a little. It also happens when i...
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    Awaiting diagnosis as an adult -some questions, please help :(

    To echo what the others have said, I was diagnosed at 30. I had bronchiectasis and chronic pneumonia. I went to doctors for ten years worth nof answers. Basically I would get diagnosed with pneumonia every 6 months. finally I went to a really good pulmonologist who dug deeper. My sweat test was...
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    Air Purifiers (HEPA)

    Does anyone on here have an air purifier? Does it help? And which one do you recommend?
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    Portraits: Adults with CF Fundraising book

    awesome. I have shared it to all of my social media and will continue to do so. best of luck to you!
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    Portraits: Adults with CF Fundraising book

    I sent you an email. I love this idea. I am 37, diagnosed at 32. I would love to help in any way that I can.
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    online dating and CF disclosure

    I met my boyfriend online. While I didn't put it in my profile, I told him on our first date. This is something I generally did, mostly because I am not the sort of person who can hide things. I am generally honest to a fault. Also, because I was in my 30s, I didn't want to waste any guy's time...