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    What do you do when your spouse/partner gets sick?

    my boyfriend and i live together as well and when he gets sick i usually sleep on an air mattress in the living room (he offers to sleep elsewhere but it gives me a chance to cuddle w/ my kitties as they're not allowed in our bedroom since he's allergic :)
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    i had my first, and only so far, embolization in July 2007! it was same experience as erock77 mentioned ... they did conscious sedation ("twilight"), went up thru the femoral artery and found a bronchial artery about the thickness of a pinky finger that was bleeding, they blocked it off and i've...
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    Thanks for your help.

    will be sharing the Amazon link to your book on my Facebook timeline as i hope people will read and share as well :D
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    I'm 34!

    (^) HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (^) my 36th was November 14!
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    Keep getting sick

    the bronch should be able to tell if there's something else down there, i would think about suggesting one be done in case they're missing something ... also, not everyone who has CF cultures Pseudo all of the time! i have cultured it but have also been free of it for over two years now :)
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    Keep getting sick

    do you get sputum cultures regularly to see what you're culturing and what antibiotics are sensitive/resistant? have you ever had a bronch done to maybe see if there's something being missed thru regular cultures???
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    How many CFers are 55 and older??What is your age if you do not mind telling us? :))

    i was diagnosed just after birth and i'm now 35 (will be 36 in Nov) ... my FEV1 is mid-40's when i'm at baseline ;)
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    Have a little fun question for your worst day being hospitalized

    admission day is by far the worst! you already feel like total crap but can't rest because of the intake: med hx, med orders, more questions, IV insertion, etc, then almost always i have to go what seems like forever w/o a treatment and food until all the orders are in... as far as my worst day...
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    At what age did your kiddos start culturing bad stuff!!

    my mom never kept me from anything as a child w/ CF; i had bronchitis once and admitted only one time in 11 years for pneumonia! i strongly believe that by not being germaphobic, i developed an immunity of sorts to many of the bugs out there! as the normal progression goes, adulthood w/ CF has...
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    What kind of job do you have?

    i'm an Emergency Telecommunicator for Fire, EMS and Police! been at it for ten years and love it!!!
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    remembering my son . . .nathan daniel

    i'm sorry to hear when any one of us lose the battle! many prayers for comfort in the memories and peace that he is resting well now...
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    AquADEKs smell

    i must have a more horrible sense of smell than i thought because i just opened my first bottle of AquADEKs (softgels) and don't notice a bad smell!
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    Cystic Fibrosis and Hypotonia

    may i ask ... what is hypotonia?
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    Reactions to Ceftazidime

    i am allergic to Ceftaz - it gave me hives!
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    For those who've had an embolization...

    i've had one embolization thus far (two years ago) and no fever that i remember, but i recall them telling me it wasn't abnormal to run a fever. also, i had very little pain afterward. i had worse issues w/ bronch which, like you, happened the day before embo...
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    Guess that pain...

    what about kidney? have you ever had kidney stones??? i had one in each kidney at the same time a several years ago and O.M.G. ... first time i'd ever had them, and i first thought it was an abdominal obstruction (never had one of those either so i didn't know the pain of either one), but when i...
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    Does anyone else have this?

    i, too, have had experience w/ severe joint pain in all my major joints and it can be pretty debilitating at its worst! ibuprofen helped at first, but after a few bouts of it, ibuprofen nor Naproxen nor diclofenac worked for me; the ONLY medication that gave me relief was Prednisone. as a CF...
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    Disclosing CF to an employer, anyone know?

    wow! i must be in the minority here LOL ... with each job i've had (only four in 16 years), i've always been up front w/ my employers about having CF and have (apparently) been lucky they've not once discriminated or retaliated because of it!
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    New series has cf girl in it!!

    i also watch "Bates Motel" ... i was hoping she wasn't going to be in just the premier episode, but so far she seems to be a supporting character!
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    Transplant scarring

    i have a road map on my stomach from multiple surgeries at birth for meconium ilieus! they'll never go away, so battle scars ain't a big thing for me ... and my boyfriend loves them! he likes to trace them ;)