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    Travel question (a little wierd)

    I get a letter from my doctor on his letterhead statement medical necessity for my meds and equipment, esp the portable O2 concentrator. the letter also needs to state that I (patient or caretaker) knows how to operate the machine and knows how to troubleshoot any problems or alarms on the...
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    Useless things you learned in school.

    I must take exception to algebra being useless. I have used algebra extensively since graduating from college. I have spent thousands of hours developing spreadsheets for financial modeling, forecasting, building financial statements (cash flow, balance sheets, income statements) for purposes of...
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    Ongoing War: Iced Coffee vs. Enzymes

    anytime you spread out a meal (liquid or solid) over time, I suggest spreading out the enzymes to match. with all my meals, I take a couple to start, then spread out the rest of the enzymes throughout the meal. try that and see if it helps.
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    Have I helped anyone on this forum?

    BelievingJesus, You can still have amazing experiences with the Lord. We live from Glory to Glory. Stay focused on what Jesus said is the first and great commandment, then on the second. The entire law hand on these two. You will find those two in Matthew. The more your immerse yourself in the...
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    Have I helped anyone on this forum?

    remember, that as soon as you accept Jesus and align yourself with him, the world will hate you as they hated Him. So if no pastor or teacher told you this, you need to know that you will have tribulation in this world, but be of good cheer, for He has overcome the world. If He is your messiah...
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    From Jenny she wants you to know...

    I don't understand. Is this showing that Kalydeco is not only stopping the progress, but reversing the damage? What I have been told is that the drug will not reverse existing damage, but this seems to indicate otherwise. Also, I thought that it was not effective for DF508. Again, what I am...
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    My Church

    Awesome post. Love to see believers being bold in their faith. Our congregation does a lifestream of all services including praise and worship time. It is somewhat of an alternative to the traditional church. We are a Messianic Congregation. That means that we are Jews and Gentiles worshipping...
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    My sputum grew what?!?

    Antibiotics almost always causes an excess growth of Candida in the body. Candida is a yeast and there are many variations. I use our RIFE device to kill off the excess candida after antibiotic treatments. But this device is not available to everyone since it cost about $2600...
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    How careful are you?

    I have never gone to extremes, but my wife is like a radar for sick people when we are out. So she helps me to avoid them. I do shake hands when we are out at events, but I am sure not to put my hands near my face after hand-shaking, until I can wash or sanitize them. We keep sanitizer in both...
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    Has anyone had his happen

    check all your med possible reactions. If you are taking Cipro or other antibiotics in that same class long term, that could be causing joint pain. No thoughts on the other stuff
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    aching joints (feet, hands, hips), fatigue, and headaches???

    are you taking Cipro or another antibiotic in the same class as Cipro. If you take them long term, they will cause all the symptoms you mentioned. I was on Cipro for 2 years, and it almost crippled me. Then another CF patient told me to quit Cipro. It took a few months to completely clear out of...
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    CF Book nominated for People's Book Prize - help CF author to win! Tim Wotton

    Done. Glad to help another fiBro.
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    coughing up blood at gym

    By the way, I think Cyruta Plus is also helpful for diabetes and kidney problems.
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    coughing up blood at gym

    erock77. I do not know the science of it, but you are correct. the main ingredient is an extract of buckwheat, which has some natural healing properties. I do know that it does not address the blood or clotting factors. It addresses the problem, not the symptom. It heals fragile and damaged...
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    boiling nebs and water?

    Wow. that is a lot of work to keep them clean. I don't do any of that. Not sure my method would be safe for those with a seriously weakened immune system, but I keep two neb cups to alternate. Immediately after use, I rinse to get the sticky meds out, then shake out the water, and blow through...
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    coughing up blood at gym

    So glad it helped. I try to give helpful tips. In 53 years, I have tried a lot of things. I share the things I know will work. I always keep a large bottle of Cyruta Plus in the fridge, and I always take it with me when I travel, just in case. Another supplement from Standard Process that all CF...
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    coughing up blood at gym

    I know some CF Warriors have had embolism or cauterization for bleeding lungs. But I prefer solutions that don't cause more damage. I discovered some amazing supplements about 20 years ago. One in particular for bleeding. This supplement is commonly used for angina patients and my doctor decided...
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    Original Cystic Fibrosis Song

    Beautiful, thanks for sharing.
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    Cayston Intolerance??

    Cayston knock my fev1 from 24 to 18. I had sever reaction to first dose. was supposed to do 3 a day. called the doc, and they said, keep using it, and it should get better. next day I got 2 doses in. more reaction. 3rd day, got 1 dose in and quit. could not breathe anymore. Had to sleep in a...
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    I need to talk to someone

    If you are in the U.S. feel free to call my cell 615-973-8016. I will talk, listen and pray with you. If not in the U.S., maybe we can do FaceTime or Viber, or email: I will add you and your daughter to my daily prayers. I am 53 living with CF.