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    For the moms and dads

    I saw this ad and wanted to share it and say to the CF moms and dads that you're doing a great job! CF is hard and I can't imagine the difficulty of watching your child go through everything that we have to do to stay healthy. As an adult with CF I'm so grateful to my parents who spent...
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    Great option for getting started with exercise

    This article offers a great way to get started with exercise. We all know exercise is so important for CFers and short, high intensity exercise has been shown to be really beneficial to all kinds of people. The method talked about in this article seems easy to follow, doesn't require special...
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    Dartmouth clinic

    Is anyone here seen at Dartmouth? I'm very happy at my current clinic at MGH but they are not considered in-network under my new insurance coverage. The out of network charges are so high it's just not an option for me to stay. I will be transferring to Dartmouth and have heard really good...
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    inhaler vs. neb albuterol with HTS

    I have a love hate relationship with HTS. It helps me SO much but it makes my airways feel so tight. I always do my albuterol inhaler before starting the HTS and vest but I don't notice a significant difference between doing the inhaler and not doing it prior to HTS--my airways always feel...
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    Amazon Smile

    Amazon just (or i could just be really behind) launched a new site called Amazon Smile. you can shop through it just like you would normally on but you can select your favorite charity to have a portion of the price of your purchase go to that charity. CFF is on there as well as a few...
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    working out

    have any of you tried out crossfit? it looks pretty intense but you can taylor it to your abilities...just wanted to see if any of you have tried it and what you thought about it, how your lungs benefitted or didn't, challenges, etc.
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    anyone in the DC/VA/MD area

    i know this isn't CF related but.... A very good friend of mine from college is missing from the DC area. no one has seen or heard from him since tuesday. his car is also missing. black 1996 Honda civic with DC tags DT2747,<span>Read more: <a...
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    weird knee problem

    sorry i know this isn't directly lung related but i wanted to ask yall... so about 5 days ago I'm at work just doing the regular stuff and my knees start randomly buckling when i'm just walking around. not both at the same time and not with every step but probably about 20 times throughout the...
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    question about zpoints program

    I used my zpoints to get an amazon gift card at the beginning of december and have yet to see long did it take for yall to get your stuff you got with the zpoints program?
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    what to do?

    so i'm on day 13 in the hospital doing IV antibiotics and when i came in my pfts were at 56% after a month of cayston and today when i did pfts again they were only at 58% and my small airways were actually worse. it took me about 5 blows to get a 58%, the others were a little lower. I...
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    question for the UK cfers

    a very close friend that lives in Italy heard through several of her friends there (that are from London) that there was some cf conference in the UK (i'm assuming in London though she didn't say that specifically) where the researchers running it said they will have a cure in 5 years. they...
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    who comes up with stuff like this?

    will one of you moms please buy this immediately?! and then post pictures of yourself bahahahahahahaha! i die laughing every time i look at it <a target=_blank class=ftalternatingbarlinklarge...
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    joint pain from levaquin?

    i searched through some old threads and found that some people had experienced joint pain as a side affect of levaquin. i'm having pretty bad joint pain in my shoulders and hips...but i finished my levaquin 2 weeks ago.... the pain started about a week after i began the med and still hasn't...
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    CF patients in the Gaza area....

    on the front page of the CF Worldwide website there is an article about palestinian cf patients and how they are suffering right now even more than usual because of the effects on the area through the current fighting/conflict with israel. this is not a political commentary on my...
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    CF center in Arkansas?

    does anyone here know anything about the CF center in Arkansas? there's a chance i'll be moving to the conway area in 9 months-1 year from now and i just wanted to hear about anyone's experience there? thanks!
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    ok so my school has a 24 hour dance marathon that raises money for children's miracle network at duke hospital. since i was diagnosed at duke back in the day they have asked me to speak about CF for the last couple years and i'm doing it again this year. one of the coordinators asked me if i...
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    picc line shower cover

    i have 1 picc line shower cover that i don't need anymore b/c i've got a port now but it still works great and i'd love to pass it on to someone else that needs it. i got it when i was probably around 8 or so and have used it up until a few months ago. i'd say it will fit bigger kids up to...
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    this is so cute and funny!

    this clip never gets old! hahahaha so cute <a target=_blank class=ftalternatingbarlinklarge href=" "> </a>
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    new here-anyone ever used their vest when traveling in europe?

    hey yall, i've been reading the forums/blogs etc for a long time but actually decided to join since i've got a question! my family is going to italy in a few days and those of you that have vests know how heavy and annoying it is to travel with them. i've got other ways of doing airway...