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Hi all!
My hubby and I have been looking into adoption for a while. I am wondering if anyone out there adopted and if so, were there any issues with you having CF? I have looked at international and domestic and they both seem to look at the adoptive parents health and i don't want to pay money and get in the process and then be thrown out because of my health issue.
Nicki Brame


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I haven't adopted personally, but I was adopted, and several of my family members were, both domestically and internationally so I'm somewhat familiar with the process but no expert.


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I have a FB friend who has CF who just adopted - not sure if her health was an issue in the process, but she was obviously able to adopt, which is great!


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Nicki, we have adopted twice, first internationally, second domestically. International has become much more restrictive lately towards parental health. I would think domestic would be the way to go, unless you are interested in adopting special needs. First you need to find a doc and an agency that supports you. Please email me privately with any questions. I do know some easier routes to take other than the usual wait and match.



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We have 2 adopted boys domestically. We experienced no trouble with homestudy information and agency issues. The dr. will sign off on the medical part of things but if your doc thinks you are healthy enough to handle having children, the agencies have no problem either. The thing we had to work at is that as we were talking to birthmoms, it's natural for them to ask why you are adopting. I think we ended up saying we have always thought we'd adopt and because my degenerative health issues we decided this was the best way for us to have a family. It's super broad and truthful without details.

There are many ways to adopt domestically. Some are good and some are better. Some take lots of time and some don't but most of the time you never know which it will be! Feel free to PM me with our experiences or questions.

Just a side note...people wonder it but hardly ask it...Yes, adopting is emotionally just like having a biological kid. You love them like CRAZY!! <img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif" border="0">


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wow i have just joined today and already you all have inspired me! i myself have cystic fibrosis i am twenty of age and have had a long n hard life but again i bring to your attention i am alive!! LOL! and proud of it!! anyways i have thought about adobting myself but my mom says itll be easy to be turned down because no agency really wants to give a child to someone who can die at a moments noticed....ive also thought about being a canidate for impregnation however i am pretty sure with how bad my health is now ill only be indangering myself and risking the pregnacy or the birth and i especially dont want to risk dieing at the birth table and leaving my family to raise my child and leaving my child motherless so i have decided against both....however when i find the right man for me and know its something he'd want to risk ill be happy to reconsider....anyways i have corrently four friend with cystic fibrosis and would love to expand that number lol so please contact me! id love to share my story and hear anyones who willing so please dont hesitate to become friends with me i promise you wont regret it lol no one has so far LOL!! later you guys thanks!


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bobanny, that is so true. I cant imagine loving my kids any more! Looks like you adopted transracially, as did we. Our eldest is Azeri (think persian/turkish) and our youngest hispanic. We definitely found adoption to be the perfect way for us to grow our family and we were doubly blessed with two amazing daughters.


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My husband has cystic fibrosis. We are in the process of adopting from foster care. The kids have been in our home 9 months, should be setting up a date to finalize soon. A sibling group of 3 kids. They came to us at age newborn, 1, and 3. We couldn't be happier with them. Many of the international programs are setting health requirements that make adopting difficult for people with CF. I called around and was pretty much told internationally our options were older kids from Hungary. So we became foster parents. Had one little girl come at birth and leave after a year, then got our current placement which will be for good about a year after we became certified foster parents. It is great having this option to be parents. We didn't want to do domestic newborn adoption because we wanted more than 1 kid and we wanted to get the process done while my husband was still young so the children would be grown and older when he gets old and dies. Also the cost involved with multiple domestic newborn adoptions would be difficult to swing while making sure we are set up to properly raise them if my husband's health suffers and he can't work.

We told the agency about the CF when we were doing the homestudy and they were like 'that's fine'. Then when they were writing up the homestudy, they read the wikipedia article on CF and became concerned. We just had to have his Dr write a letter explaining that he was fit to raise kids for the foreseeable future, that his FEV was around 80 and had been for the last 7 years (since he was 18).

So I can't say whether CF would have been a problem for sure internationally or domestic newborn. However the CF really pushed us towards adopting a sibling group through foster care due to the relative speed. The youngest will be graduating high school when my husband is 43.