aerosolized amikacin



I had experience with nebulized TOBI causing hearing problems after infused Tobramycin caused ototoxicity. My doctor stopped prescribing it.

You may want to try Cayston. It may not be quite as effective as aerosolized Amikacin (or TOBI) but it’s done OK for me for quite a few years.

It might be worthwhile discussing it with you doctor.


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okay, I just have to ask, has anyone been put on aersolized amikacin after the infused form caused ototoxicity?

I'm nervous as well for my daughter who they decided to put her on the neb amikacin after she has hearing loss from the IV amikacin. She tried Cayston but hasn't helped her at all. She's already wearing hearing aids, but we are at the point in life where we have to choose to breath or hear.


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I was switched to inhaled Amikacin after the IV form caused hearing damage. I was told the inhaled form is much safer and I did not have problems with my hearing while I was on the inhaled form. Unfortunately, it's not as effective either. After almost a year and a half on the inhaled, I had a horrible flare up of my mycobacterium abscessus and had to switch back to the IV form at a lower dose.


I can't tolerate the IV form of Amikacin at all. They had to take me off after just a couple of doses.

But, I do very well on the inhaled version. I've been taking it on and off for the past few years, and haven't had problems. My dose is 250mg (4ml) twice a day. I'd recommend asking your doctor for periodic hearing tests to be safe.

Interestingly, though, I can't tolerate TOBI - it quickly affects my hearing. No idea why Amikacin is ok and TOBI isn't...

Good luck!