And on the 6th day, there were lower blood sugars.


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Well... lower when i wake up, but that's actually the most important thing to me. Last June (2014) i took an OGTT and i had elevated blood sugars. Since then, i've been checking my blood sugars semi-regularly (by that i mean, i started VERY regular, then when i learned my pattern, i tapered back and only checked them at select times... then i kind of quit all together) I'm active all day because of my job, so my sugars throughout the day were never high. BUT my sugars when i would first wake up were ~120, which is borderline needing insulin. So i changed up my diet, got rid of almost all soda, and a few other small changes (no big food changes) and got those morning sugars down to below 110. That's about where they've stayed for the last year or so.

Fast forward to now. For the last three days on orkambi my out of bed sugars have been 98 ,96,and 92. Nothing i was able to do over the last year got them that low, so hopefully this is one good effect i'm seeing from orkambi, but i want more conclusive results. i'll keep testing them and see if they stay that low.

I'm still keeping track of other stuff, but nothing worthwhile to report yet.

No ill-effects, with exception of Tuesday night. I had sharp stomach pains when i went to sleep. That actually kept me from sleeping well. I woke up a bunch, and each time i had stomach pain. When i woke up for good yesterday morning they were still there, but went away once i got up and active. Since then i haven't had those pains.