Being on O2 and seeing "stars"?


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I have been in the hospital for the past 12 days and on O2 for the second time (outside if surgery) and the longest time ever. I am down to 1.0 liter (from 4.0) and my sats are 96-97 on 1 liter.

The problem is that I have been seeing little white "stars" since then and nobody says they have ever heard of that.

It happens once in a while, in my peripheral vision, and it's just one at a time. *These* look similar to "stars" I have seen when getting up too quickly or coughing too hard, but *those* are right above my forehead, in greater number, and last much longer.

They don't look like brown floaters that I have randomly seen prior, either.

Anyone else experience this on O2? If it continues, I will see an eye doctor when I am discharged. Thanks in advance.