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I am interested to know how often you all cough up blood. I coughed up blood again after my work shift. I coughed it all up in my hand because it was coming up quick. I did make it to the bathroom where no one saw, I felt the gurgling. It seems to be ever 6 months I am doing this and it lasts for days. This time it has been 2 days. I even coughed up blood in the middle of the night last night. I do have MAC and Im wondering if that is doing it to me. I need to do my pfts but last time I did them, I believe they were 79 percent. My base has been 83% for awhile now, maybe 5 years. So I did drop a bit. I jut turned 29 years old also. So the coughing up blood is getting worse and also joint pain where I cant get up off the couch sometimes. Lung function is still steady though. My second question is since I keep coughing up blood at work and I work in the food industry as a server. They didn't see this happen, but I did have to inform them. I am wondering if they will lay me off since they cant have me coughing up blood there with food. When I called the social security office, I am at 37 credits and would receive 1100 a month. The problem is my rent is that number alone. I have no one to help, not sure how I would survive. If they lay me off, I would get unemployment though. Once I reach 40 credits, does that raise what I will make a month on disability? I could survive off 2000 a month if I get my car and credit cards paid off. I have no family where I live, they all live in NY and I am in CA. None of them can help me out with my financial problem either with this disease. I just keep trucking but its getting difficult.


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Oh man, I know the feeling. If I wasn't married I'd be out on the street.
I don't make near enough on disability to cover my bills.
My medical bills are astronomical!
We've come to the decision to pay each debtor a check large enough that I guess keeps them happy. I haven't received any nasty calls from any of my debtors.
It sucks. My check goes to pay my bills and her check pays for everything else. There's never any money left over to go do something fun.
Sometimes we are able to drive to ID & WI to see family. Other than that, we're stuck here trying to scrape up enough money for the next time we want to go see family.
I'm sorry I don't have any answers for you. I guess everybody just does it their way when it comes to finances.
BTW- I used to cough up a lot of blood before my trans. I was lucky though; since I drove a Big Truck for a living, nobody knew it.
I had a sputum specimen bottle I kept in the console of my truck.
Every evening after work was done, I would just dump the 'spittoon' in the garbage in our shop where nobody would notice.
Take care & be well, 'Pat'


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I iam coughing blood right now its been bout 3 to 4 months since last its so scary to me and that gurgling sound just scares me to death i usually get put on antibiotics or in hospital antibiotics and take it real easy for few days and it clots up and stops and not sure y it happens but i hate it wish was a way to stop it but i don't know one i just pray for cure or something to stop it but just take east let doctor know let them tell ya what u should do and ur pfts r great so just take care take easy n god bless n enjoy life to fullest and hope cure comes hope u feel better


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Do you take Mephyton? It's a prescription strength vitamin K. My dose is 5mg every day. On days when I cough up blood I can take a second pill if I need it. I've been on this for years now. I used to cough up blood a lot. When my doctor realized the frequency and amount of hemoptysis was increasing, he prescribed this and it has made a huge difference. Still get it once in awhile but nothing like I used to. If you don't already take it, you might bring it up to your CF doctor. Having something to go to like that, took away a lot of my fear. I am now 64! I wish you well. Donna


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Have you been to the doctor recently? Do they know this has been happening so frequently for 6 months?


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I was treated for MAC for one year after I had been dealing with it for more than 6 months. The year or so prior to the start of treatments, I had 3 very bad bouts of hemoptysis. Once I started the regiment, the hemoptysis calmed down. Unfortunately, the MAC has returned, and the amount of streaking/blood has slowly increased, but not to the level I had earlier. I may have to go back on a MAC treatment. I would not delay in talking to your doctors about treating the MAC. While I was on the treatment I was feeling pretty good. Since I've stopped I've been feeling worse. I hope you can get a handle on this and quickly.


About 5yrs ago I had hemoptysis for 6 weeks straight, it got to the point I had to give myself vitamin K shots and it tapered off slowly I am also a MAC person we still did orals at this time as everything else was stable. I also take when needed the Mephyton 5mg if I see any streaking I have not had any pure blood cough ups since then, as soon as I taste it and see it in the sputum I take the pill for abt 5=7 days. My gurgling came in the middle of the night and I ran the bathroom sink and was just shocked by it all, as it had never happened before. Good luck and don't be frightened it comes with the territory unfortunately. Pat/59