cabin fever from ivs

been doing the usual hospital for a week and 11 days at home. 1st time to do it in the summer. i am a teacher and am very active in exercising.
my prob is that i am between stages where i am still exhausted and getting cabin fever.
what do you do for your cabin fever?


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Read, online friends Skype, find a game to play. I would recommend Johnathan Kozal since you are a school teacher.
Law and order marathons, have friends over for dinner, stuff like that.... I'm in the same boat.
Best of Luck!


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I still take walks. Go for a small drive to store. Do one little thing each day to get me out of the house. That usually satisfies me and wipes me out all at once!


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Well being stuck in a hospital will drive anybody nuts, if you got a lap top that would be my go to for entertainment, as for once home Getting out a little on a daily basis, get in touch with friends. If your dealing with pic/mid lines then yeah its a little more frustrating or was for me. Got better when I got my port simply for the fact I can get a few hours a week with out a bandage and can wash my hair and body with out having the hassle of "gotta keep this section covered/dry". Most the time for me the first 3-4 days I'm fairly sick and only want to sleep/eat hence why I really don't mind a few days in a hospital once at home after bit of time yeah I'm going stir crazy. Get out when you can, depending on your dose times it lets you bigger windows. I also end up fairly exhausted from the schedules and not sleeping so darn well.