car travel US to canada with prescription meds


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Has anyone traveled to Canada driving from the US? Do they check prescription medicine to see if it is in prescription bottles or is a weekly pill case OK.


Hi Beccamom!

MamaScarlett is probably speaking from personal, practical experience... I have not crossed the border -- but I've heard numerous stories identical to hers where there is little or no checking and you're just waved there or back...

However -- you should also probably be aware of the rules in the event you ARE stopped or inspected, that you aren't shocked when they ask for certain information... Here are a few links regarding traveling with medications -- one from the U.S. Customs website -- one from a Canadian government website... I believe that the Canadian one is more directed towards Canadian citizens -- but I believe that the rules are probably similar whichever way you're travelling...

MamaScarlett is likely right -- you probably will not get stopped or questions -- but...

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I'm Canadian and when I travel to the US, I always get a letter from my doctor / CF Clinic, on letterhead, with a list of prescriptions and diagnosis. Not that I offer it up, but rather that I have it, just in case. And that's for either direction.

Entering the US, they don't want smugglers.
Entering Canada, they want to collect taxes on items purchased out of country, for consumption in country.
US to Canada with CF

My family and I drove from Philadelphia to Canada and back just last summer and had absolutely no issues with medication, neblulizers, vests. Just in case, we had our sons' CF doctor write a brief letter but we never needed to use it.