Cf fund raisers- do you go??


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I've always been told we can't go to cf fund raisers, that it can put you in contact with others and spread bugs.

Do you go?

there is one my friends are interested in going to. It's never happened before where they were interested, so it was never a big deal.
do they get to go out and have fun without me?
im thinking probably, so I'm going to pout...


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Prior to BC, I was involved in fund raising and attended the CF Annual Dinner. Now only one person with CF (not me) is allowed in a banquet hall that sits over 800 people.


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The types of events I've been to lately have been for those 21 or older and I know there's more than one person wcf there. Our local chapter has the policy listed on their website and literature, but it's up to those attending the event. Hasn't been an issue, no one enforces it. Not sure how they now handle to climb for a cure event which is indoors. I don't believe my friends who have kids wcf attend and I did see they are planning an outdoor climb this summer at a stadium. As for the CF walk, we keep ds, who is not an adult with our group.


I just went to a Fund raiser in North West PA They have a ten feet rule for distance, I go to support and help raise money for Cystic Fibrosis, I raised five Hundred and Five dollars this year ! And I helps bring awareness and money so we can develop new drugs but most of all it helps me do positive acts and that in its self makes me feel like I am making a difference just for today!


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It is not only you, it is also the rest of us with CF. There rules are there for a reason.



I walk in our local Great Strides event every year. Ours is coming up this Sunday. The families know each other and we keep the required distance.