CF. Marriage, and Finances... How do you make it?



I am the girlfriend of a 22 y/o CFer. We have been together for going on 3 years. We are getting pretty serious and eventually discussing moving out and getting married in the future. We live in NC and he currently has Medicaid insurance. My question is, how do you make it? For the significant others of those with CF, do you work full time while they stay home? Or do they work as well? What kind of insurance do you have, and is it compatible with your income? It is a scary thought to imagine myself 100% supporting us both, I would just like some reassurance that other couples like us can do it.


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My wife and I make it work. I am 28 w/ CF. I have multiple degrees and hold career at a very large chemical production company near our area. I am also an adjunct faculty member at the local university teaching three chemistry courses. My wife is a domestic violence children's program case manager at the local women's center. We make it just fine. I have insurance through my work as does my wife. Medicaid picks up the slack left behind. If I had to stay home, I would not be as healthy as I currently am. Having to go out and work give me ambition and drive. If you have any questions please let me know.


My boyfriend and I make it work, too. I work full time at a nonprofit and receive benefits through my work. My boyfriend freelances and does Covered California for his insurance. Working full time works for me.

If I didn't have great health, though, it might be another story.


Hubby and I make it work, but is a worry. We are 34, we both work, but he works from home with is own business so he can have flexible hours to take care of himself. He is on my insurance, thank goodness for the change in pre-existing conditions when moving insurance! It's a struggle having time to do everything in a day, but money and health insurance aren't at the top of our minds. They are taken care of as much as can be. We have less disposable income for trips and luxuries due to medical costs, but we want for nothing. It's super helpful that we live near family that help out as much as they can.
Hi! My wife works and I don't, but we've worked hard to keep our expenses down, in case anything ever happened. I'm also on Medicaid and Medicare. Good luck!!


I have cf, a fulltime job, and I support myself and my gf while shes in college currently. (I'm 26, shes 28) We've had chats about how if i needed to take time off work she couldnt support me and she's working towards fixing it with a career and such. Mostly I just get by with having a great job, but not sure how long I can keep this up for. My last 5 years in this career (IT focus) has been very stressful and not very great to taking care of myself - I end up putting work first. I'm not sure the kind of answer you were looking for or what can really be said...I have a mild to moderate case and can get away with these kind of antics, most people in sicker situations probably cannot. There are some good threads here about working from home and such, probably a good idea to look into careers that can be done from home where you can make your own hours. That's at least how i've felt is the best idea.
I am 30, female, with CF-mild to moderate. I work full time in a professional setting and pretty much support both myself and my fiancé. He works part time right now and is finishing school so that later on, when/if we need it-he can support both of us. I have health insurance through my work. The only thing I worry about is health insurance if I don't work and can't get it through his work. People with CF tend to need very very good insurance. I make too much to qualify for Medicaid in the state I live in.

I think it depends on several factors-two of which are health level and education. Does he work now? Is he healthy? Do you work or want to work? your options depend on your situation. Hope this helps!