CF sweetness...and then scariness!


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As DS, who is 6, was finishing up his lunch I was working on sterilizing his nebs. He was watching and said "when I'm older I'll do a good job cleaning my nebulizers" and I said "I'm sure you will" and then we discussed the process. He then volunteered: "And I know what I'll do after I'm done?" I said what, to which he responded: "I'll go play with my children." I was nearly in tears over the sweetness until he added, "but I'll need a few things, some blue tape to tape them to the chair if they are naughty." YIKES! Well at least it was "blue tape" which is the painters tape that is easy to tear and not duct tape, but WHERE he comes up with this stuff is beside me!!!


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You've raised a mighty fine boy! I love how he is looking forward to the future. :) Most CFers can't see themselves looking that far ahead.

As for the tape LOL :D he must be thinking of painters tape! No harm there. At least somone is thinking of discipline. Not enough of it these days. Spolied rotten children are everywhere. Parents should do more.

Thanks for sharing! I enjoy reading posts like these. Hugs,