Cleaning neb on college dorm?


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Wondering how you all handled neb sterilization in college dorms? Currently we use a pressure cooker to boil nebs at home. When we travel we use a microwave with those steam bags. Also use disposable nebs if lazy. My daughter actallu brought it up, wondering how she would clean her nebs in college. Looking for the easiest way; Boiling in college seems unlikely in dorms as it's a safety thing. Just want to make it easy. I mentioned the microwave bags to my daughter I think she thinks it is wasteful. Recently was googling autoclaves; they are available on amazon around $800


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Would like to add the chore I hate most is cleaning the nebs not sure why but it's just one more thing; the pressure cooker we have cost about $100 and needs to be replaced every couple years from the daily use.

Patti Rowland

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My daughter used a "wabi baby" (used for baby bottles) and it worked perfect. You had to buy sterile water which was a pain but otherwise, its quiet, ez to use and you can keep the items stored in it till you use instead of laying on a counter. It has an automatic shut off.


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Only issue with a baby bottle sterilizer would be to make sure they reach optimum temperture for sterilization. I know years ago someone posted about using a deep fat fryer to boil nebs when traveling and staying at hotels. I've oftentimes wondered about using a hot pot or electric kettle...