Coughing alot and some pee ( embarrassed by this title. don't know how to say it)

i know i have read this before about this little problem. sometimes i get into a big huge coughing attack that sometimes a little pee comes out or enough pee comes out to wet my underwear. kinda embarrassed to address this to the doctor. just wondering if anyone else experienced this. has this happened to you?


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It's possible that strengthening the pelvic floor muscles helps peeing control during coughing.

With so called Kegel exercises.

Can't say for sure because I'm a man and things seem to work slightly different. But they're easy to do at the same time with vacuum exercises and so this is what I do.

No need for embarrassment because everyone pees. Beautiful women don't poop but even they pee I think.


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This problem is pretty common with or without CF effecting one in three women, including adolescent young women. I think the solution to this problem has been given in the form of kegel exercises and such. My niece has dealt with issues since she was tiny. At sixteen now she performs exercises and wears a panty liner just in case. When her mother, my sister, died I had to draw out my 10yr old on wet jeans. For all I knew the issue resulted from the trauma of losing her mother. At the first check up she discovered I was not from another planet and as her advocate we ordered and got specific tests and specialists to see what could be done.

At that time they could not find a fixable problem and she got to pretend she was past a mile stone for a few years by wearing pads. Woopie!

I understand this is not funny. I also understand a ten year old girl and her 60yr old uncle dealing with a very personal issue is riotously funny. But if you can, see a urologist or specialist suggested by your PCP. Many underlying problems could be at play from pinched nerves to anatomical problems. Something easily fixed could put an end to no end of little sprits.

Women with this problem are often delayed socially when intimacy involving sexual contact is anticipated and everything is going wrong. Down there! Don't worry about this one either. More than one relationship involved a little accommodation. I haven't met a man yet who was the least concerned.

Considering 1/3 of women dealt or deal with this, chances are a similar number of men are in relationships with spritsing women. In my 63 years not a single man has mentioned anything that might hint at rubber sheets. Peel a Poise, pop it home and laugh youself silly.