Coughing up blood first time - 17 YO female


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This morning I coughed up a fairly small clot of blood for the first time, and upon more coughing learned that I have bloody mucus. This is the first time this has ever happened to me. I am on my period, but it is ending. I do vest/albuterol treatments twice daily, once in the morning with Hypertonic Saline, and one at night with Pulmozyme. This happened after I did my morning treatment.
Is this normal, and should I see the doctor for this (could it be an infection?)
Someone posted earlier about this happening to them on their period, but...
diagnosed at 2 years, visit CF Clinic in Dallas, usually culture MRSA


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It is VERY NORMAL. If you cough up a mouthful of blood, go to the ER where your CF Clinic is located.



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When that happen to me it was from sinuses my doctor said. I was 17 when i started coughing up blood. I did netipot and nose spray and it went away

Im 17 and I stared coughing up blood too. But turns out i was just sick. Its funny, you do the same treatments as me!!! :) Its nice to know other people have to deal with the same thing. Its not just me, you know? Having to deal with this really sucks..


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Coughing up "mothfulls" of blood is not always that serious BUT IT CAN BE VERY SERIOUS AND SHOULD BE CHECKED BY A DOCTOR.