Cystic Fibrosis (David s Law)


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Good afternoon everyone as y may no my name is David and i am the founder of the cystic fibrosis pen pal club and support group for patients and families all over the world not only america . We are the only support group in the world that has a 24 hr support hotline. Today i come before you and ask you for your help right away students are getting kicked out of school due to having cystic fibrosis .. What is happening is that some schools can not supply a nurse that will be at the school everyday this means that a parent has to go to the school many times per day as well as all field trips or after school events. The law will allow all students with cystic fibrosis to be able to self carry there own enzymes on there person in all public schools in america however we need your help to make this possible right now many states have passed the law and we are in very much need of volunteers to write about the school experince that they go through on a daily basis in order to fight cf in a correct matter please contact are support group any time 763-280-2137 god bless each of u have a great day . I am a nursing asst and home health aide on the national list of nursing thanks so much for reading my story this means the world to me and thousands of others