Dogs ok or not?


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We just recently found out our little one has cf. She is almost 1.
Is it ok to have dogs in the house or is the hair and dander bad for them?


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Our team had told us unless your lil one has allergies to the dog then it would be fine. Just keep the dog clean! We had tons of birds and unfortunatly there were issues with them so they all got new homes and the breathing/coughing got better.We still have two dogs that are getting old now and only had problems if the silly things rolled in dirt.Hope I was helpful.
if she has no alergies, the dog is kept normaly clean and healthy - ears chequed and vaccinated - no problem at all <img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif" border="0">
We used to have a dog and no problems with this - however make sure she doesn't lick him or kiss on the nose and no sleeping in one bed <img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif" border="0"> as for any kid...


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I've always had at least one dog at home. As long as I keep our dog clean, I'm fine. He sleeps in my room and just as an added precaution, I keep a small air filter running near his bed. I've never had any health problems pop up because of him.


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<div class="FTQUOTE"><begin quote><i>Originally posted by: <b>AleksandraKaczynska</b></i> if she has no alergies, the dog is kept normaly clean and healthy - ears chequed and vaccinated - no problem at all <img src="">
That's what I've been told as well. I'm even post transplant. I'm not 1 year old but my dog licks, kisses, jumps and sleeps on me all the time. No issues here.


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I grew up with dogs in the house and was around horses and 25 barn cats all the time outside. I was fine. Did develop allergies and asthma later in life, but that is when I had NO animals in the house. Go figure. As long as the animals are relatively clean and in good health and your little one has no allergies, I think the benefits far outweigh any potential immediate negatives. IF she develops asthma or allergies, its another story. If you are truly worried about it, put a HEPA filter in her bedroom and make that room off-limits to the dog at all times.


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As others have stated, unless your child has known allergies, you should be ok. However, speaking from personal experience, when you already have breathing difficulties, pet dander can contribute to those difficulties. Maybe you guys could have a dog that is "hypoallergenic." I have two miniature schnauzers, and they are perfect. They don't shed, are considered to be hypoallergenic, are very loyal, are very intelligent, and can easily fit in your lap.
The bottom line is: You want your child to grow up as "normal" as possible, and if having a dog is part of that for your family, make it happen. Dogs are fantastic therapeutic tools. I appreciate the fact that you are concerned about the impact an animal will have on your child in regards to his/her health. You're doing a great job!
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Just to add in here I have asthma and allergies to pet dander, but didn't find out until after we already had the dog. She was a purebred and a gift and it was my dream to always have a dog so we kept her. I did allergy shots for a while but as I got older I pretty much outgrew any allergy to pets. We now have a new puppy and a cat who sleeps on my bed and I have no added problems because of this. Only you know you child and if you see a change in them because of the dog then maybe you consider a change, but I think its great to have a dog. Mine always seem to know when I'm not feeling well and they will cuddle up by my feet and keep me company. Now that I'm at a stage where I am home all the time they keep me more active and happy than I was without them. Good luck with your dog, hopefully you can keep them a part of your family!


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My son with CF is 15. When he was born we had a cat which lasted till he was about 10 yo. When he was 1 we got a golden retriever and we got another one when he was about 10. He is crazy about our dogs, they are always with us. There have been studies that show that living with animals from a young age may make you more resistant to common allergies. Check this out:


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We had four cats and two dogs when DD was born. We now have five cats and two dogs. <img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-tongue.gif" border="0">


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My doc always told me, if I have a dog, love it. If not, it would be best to not get one due to allergens.
My personal feelings are, unless there are extreme allergies, the positive impact that the affection of an animal brings far outweigh any negative impact on health.