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I saw an ad for the Pari eRapid on CFservices Pharmacy homepage. I was just wondering if anyone has any experience with it? It's supposed to really cut down treatment time, and it says "The eRapid® is suitable for all medications that have been approved for use and are available throughout the US"

I'm wondering if it can be used for all meds, from albuterol to tobi to pulmozyme.

I'm sure insurance wouldn't cover it, but I'd gladly pay out of pocket if it will really shorten the kids tiem spent doing meds. Especially Tobi!

I'm going to talk to the pulm. about it at our next visit in Nov.


We have an appt. tomorrow. I'll ask and let you know what they say.


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Thanks! I realized after I posted that the Erapid is the eflow, right? Way too exensive to buy out of pocket! But I'm still curious if it can be used with all meds and if they need special mixtures


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I use it with my kids and it is nice to have faster treatment times. It does have drawbacks; aside from being crazy expensive, the aerosol head is VERY delicate and we have been having trouble maintaining the speed. As it gets clogged up, the time takes longer until it is the same as conventional treatments with a compressor. I do LOVE that it is QUIET! I also own an aeroneb go which works with a similar system. i think the design is better,but I don't know how it is over time. My adult CF er uses it and doesn't give any feed back about anything.
I've included 2 links/posts about the issues. I am sure there are more. Maybe try the CF Trust forum in the UK.
Tabitha said...Kristen I had the eflow for a while but found it to be finicky and time consuming... the aerosol "heads" get clogged w/in two weeks of getting a new one and they only give you a new head every 4 months, once the head is clogged it was the same time as any other nebulizer. Also cleaning the heads took at least 10 minutes and even following the process exactly the heads still got clogged. whew sorry had to get that out there haha


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I have a trio which is a eflow just for a certain formulation of Tobi, so maybe ask for a prescription. I get the trio free with the script for tobi. I saw an add today tha pulmozyme is now FDA approved for use in the erapid.
I have the eflow for Cayston and it says only to use cayston in it also the eRapid says only to use pulmozyme not other meds? I am confused.


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I'm not sure but it is my understanding that e-flow/e-rapid is the general name for the system (the purple/blue round main compressor). The metal disk (not the plastic handset) is specific to certain medications. I use a certain metal head with "Altera" printed on it for Cayston. I use another metal head with "Trio" printed on it for Colistin. The metal head can't be interchanged between the two medicines because they will deliver the medicine in different particle sizes. I guess certain medications should only be delivered in certain particle sizes. But the compressor and the plastic handset can be used interchangeably, just not the metal heads. I'm not sure which head should be used for other meds such as albuterol, hypersal, pulmozyme. I just use a standard nebulizer for these. I also have issues with the metal heads clogging easily.