Exercise program & airway clearance devices


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I've tried the acapella but wasn't a big fan. Everyone's got their "drug" of choice and that one's not mine. You can find more info by googling "Acapella cystic fibrosis"Something everyone looking to clear mucous should know about/ask their doctor about is inhaling hypertonic saline. FOR ME, it has worked better than pulmozyme, the vest, the flutter, or acapella. I still use the vest while inhaling it, but I'm convinced it's the best clearance technique. I've been on it for several years and they are just starting to do clinical studies showing its effectiveness. Bottom line - ask your doctor to try it. They should be able to give you an acapella too.Another comment regarding trying and trying but not coughing up much . . . My only chance at raising significant sputem is FIRST thing in the morning. If I don't do my hypertonic saline within 15 minutes of getting up - forget it. May as well wait till the next morning. My calories can wait, I gotta clear my lungs first thing.Jason 30 w cf