I have very good lung function and I walk 90 min a day and swim 2x a week. If I had poor lung function, it isn't just depression making you tired. It's lack of oxygen. Can you get an oxygen pack you wear so you can go out and walk? I'd try that and walk in increments. 5 min for the first few days, then 7 min, then 10 min, etc. Talk to your dr about an oxygen pack. They make light weight ones now that you can wear like a cross body handbag. :)

I'm having a very difficult time getting out and exercising. The past few months my lung function has been steadily declining, and I'm being evaluated for transplant.
I'm trying desperately to not only gain weight, but still keep active. I know I need the muscle to keep me strong for surgery, it helps my lungs and it would help with my depression. Problem is, I'm so tired most of the day and just taking my dog outside twice a day is exhausting. I still have a gym membership. I used to go walk on the treadmill about three times a week, and now I haven't been there in about three months.
How do you get yourself motivated and handle the exhaustion? I'm just having a very difficult time.


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Avoid intense exercising at the moment just keep yourself good in terms of what you used to do and slowly increase the level of your workout.
Maintain your routine and so you can actually get what you want.


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why do you post such repeated?


Hello Griffith,
Exercise are very important for the good and healthy long life. We can even join boot camp classes for the fitness purpose so that we can be active while physical activity on daily basis.


These last couple of months I've been training my ass off, thanks to an aerosol with antibiotics that ACTUALLY work for me! The last three years I've been in and out the hospital constantly, sometimes I managed to exercise for a couple of weeks, but when I got sicker, all motivation disappeared!
Now I'm back. I cycle at home on a hometrainer three times a week, and go to the gym for weightlifting also. Hard music helps a lot!
I feel healthier than ever (or maybe I even forgot what feeling healthy felt like after those three years)..
And having an eye on someone special also helps to motivate you :)


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It is hard but really necessary. Try going with a friend, listening to music so you can focus on something else (rather than the exhaustion you are feeling), try biking in the gym rather than running - it's easier... Hang in there!