Eyes Burning on Trikafta


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Hello, Ive been on Trikafta since Dec 4th and prob a few days in I started having burning sensation on my eyes and a slight redness. Sort of like cutting an onion but on a really small scale. Its been the same everyday since then. I feel 100% and zero side effects except for this. Any thoughts? I mentioned it to my doc and its the first shes heard of it. My apt in next wed the 19th which is the first one since starting and she said well discuss it then.


Do you have sinus issues on top of CF? Trikafta cleans out all that too so I'm wondering if that might be part of it. Have you tried some eye drops at all for relief?


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Hey there Mkos,
I've had the strange occurence of my eyes watering (like I am crying) in the middle of the night and yes also some irritation during the day. The caveat would be that I live in an exceedingly dry climate so maybe some of the irritation is natural.


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Could be a correlation between sinuses, tear ducts, etc. No CF here, but I have sinus issues and have had plugged tear ducts, dry eyes in which my eyes will water uncontrollable. Eye doctor recommends warm compresses to open things up. Seems to help....