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Do any of you use fabric masks instead of the disposable paper surgical masks that are uncomfortable and difficult to breathe through. I am talking about any situation when you'd normally wear one, e.g. going to clinic, flying on plane etc. Which brands have you found to be comfortable and effective? Does your doctor/clinic approve of them, seeing that they are reusable?

I would appreciate any input.

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I was trying to find the reference, but a couple years ago the Vog mask became popular and I looked into it, but then I saw a statement from the CFF regarding concerns with reusable masks. I guess I'd wonder how one would clean/disinfect a reusable mask.


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I guess I'd wonder how one would clean/disinfect a reusable mask.

Yes, I wonder the same thing.

I found what Ratatosk was referring to:

In response to questions about the use of Vogmasks by people with CF in clinical settings, please note that these masks are NOT approved to protect against the spread of pathogens in the clinic or hospital setting. These masks are intended for use against environmental particles such as dust, pollen, and other particles found in air pollution.

The Vogmask does NOT meet the CF Foundation infection prevention and control guideline recommendation that "all people with CF wear a surgical (procedure, isolation) mask when in a health care facility to reduce the risk of transmission or acquisition of CF pathogens."
Concerns related to the use of these masks in clinical settings stem from questions we've received about the masks and the increase of social media posts of individuals with CF wearing the masks while in clinic. We're also aware of the potential misperception that the Foundation has endorsed the Vogmask due to an article published on Cystic Fibrosis News Today that originally appeared on May 3, 2016. We have addressed this misperception with the publication.
Please let your patients and families know that the Vogmasks do not protect against infection and to urge those who arrive at care center appointments wearing a Vogmask to wear a surgical mask instead.

Thank you,
Paula Lomas, MAS,RN,CCRP
Director, Clinical Communications
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation | National Office
6931 Arlington Road, Suite 200 | Bethesda, MD 20814
plomas@cff.org | 301-907-2581


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If the appearance of the standard surgical masks bother you or your child, the best solution I know is to wear a decorative mask over it - such as the Vog mask. I have also brought colored sharpies to Clinic and drawn my own design on the standard issue! Bringing a little fun to Clinic .....


Agree reinfecting ones self would be a concern of mine.
I sterilize all of my neb equipment between neb. Rx. Using disposal mask is the way to go for me. Luckily I have not had a Iv antibiotic in 8 yrs. and 1.5 yrs. for a antibiotic by mouth.
Good luck on your decision.


Wow thank you so much for all the responses. I had no idea about the vogmask/CFF statement so thanks for that input.

I am not so concerned about the appearance, more the discomfort of an ill-fitting disposable mask that is scratchy and makes breathing feel very "stuffy".

I have been doing some research to become better informed on the topic, as I was not all prior to this post. It seems like a mask that could filter down to 0.1 micron would be a good standard? The vogmask only goes to 0.3 micron (which is why it is ok for larger things like pollen/dust but it would miss smaller bacteria and virtually all viruses). I also don't like that the vogmask appears to have a valve that lets the air out without filtering, which would make it a bit useless for a clinic setup, just from a medical common sense point.

I agree with everyone on the reusability concerns - Ideally I would something that could at least be washed. I have found a different brand that, if all they say is true, might work a bit better. It has a thin breathable fabric mask that sounds like it is washable. Inside of it you attach a filter which is the part which covers your mouth, and the filters are replaceable and not that expensive. They say the contraption filters down to 0.1 micron.


Let me know if anyone has heard of them or tried them? The amazon reviews are a mixed bunch.
Thanks again!


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Checking in...

I noticed you haven't had too many responses. But I'm extremely courious to see if you went with that mask and if you got any other recommendations or an ok from the Drs or anything. ?


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I noticed you haven't had too many responses. But I'm extremely courious to see if you went with that mask and if you got any other recommendations or an ok from the Drs or anything. ?

I don't even like taking the ones at the clinic from the dispenser and bring our own. With the quote from the CF Foundation, we'd never, ever use a reusable mask. We use disposable ones -- this is kind we usually get.

3M 1870 Surgical Mask N95