Find the right routine


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I live in the country & although we have fitness centers near us who say to be so good, none of them get back to me when I address my health issues & exercise needs with them. I even tell them that if they dont feel comfortable working with me to let me know because its a lot to take on. My doctors are willing to work with any of them & I am willing to sign a release of liability, but yet they pretend I dont exist. Besides my recent flare up of restricted airways, I am prone to hemoptysis. If I am run down or overexert too much it can irritate my bleeding. At the same time just sitting (which I have done a lot of during my "DONT BURN ANY CALORIES PHASE" is not good. I am "active" I work in the yard, clean house etc., but I have no "regular" exercise routine. Should I invest in one of those workout tapes & pace myself according to my ability? Any input?


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I have been thinking of getting an eliptical machine so that i can excercise at home. I dont like to go out and excercise in public, so doing that at home will work the best for me. I think if they are all blowing you off you should see if you can find a good way to work out at home. I personally like to work out with Denise Austin. She is quite a bit older than I am and she is fit like a teen ager!! You have to really pace yourself with her tho.....She does a good workout. I think I used to watch her on life time in the mornings and she has some good work out tapes out there too!!! I personally like her fit and lite workouts. They are not too intense. With my joints her normal workouts were a bit much for the ankles and knees. I am going to get an eliptical or one of those Gazelles...not the cheapest one tho cause i have heard that one is not very good at all, but the more expensive model that he has out. It is low impact like an elliptical, with a reasonable price for what you get. I hope i have not rambled too much........I would get a good workout tape and or a machine for home.......