Fistula? (sp?) anyone heard of it for ivs?


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So i went many years putting work first and not taking the doctors advise. I met a great girl felt comfortable about everything and decided to make my health a part of my life again. The doctor suggested a port since i have had problems with the PICC lines in the past. I get the port placed and get a blood clot. Lost my job because there is apperantly no job at my work where i won't cut myself or slip and fall. now i go to the the vascular surgeon about the clot and he is pushing a fistula. Now i take it with a grain of salt because the first things out of his mouth was "hows your leg?" I told him my legs are fine I have a clot in my juggular due to the port and went through the usual clueless doctor talk. but just to get an idea, anyone ever heard of it being used for ivs?


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I guess I don't know what a fistula is then...I've only heard it as a term for a "boil" on your gums that indicates an abscess.
Good luck on finding the info you need. Can you go to a different vascular surgeon for a 2nd opinion?
People usually have a fistula placed for hemodialysis. No, I've never heard of it being used for IVs, but I suppose it makes since. It's an implanted devise, larger than a port. I beleive it has a motor or something that keeps blood circulating constantly. This prevents the blood from clotting.

On the bright side of things.. Your Vit K level must be good if you are getting blood clots. :)

If you have the option of leg rather than arm, I would go for the fistula. Beats getting poked over and over for sure!