From Fear to Fearless- Are you struggling with fear?


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I know a lot of us struggle with feelings of fear- especially those with CF. Fear of death, fear of the future, fear of failure. I wrote all about the topic of fear on my blog.


Everyone experiences fear at some point in their lives. Overcoming addiction, near death experience, spiders, snakes, heights, harsh judgement, anxiety, anger, rejection, or seeking acceptance. These things can show up for only a short amount of time, or in other instances they can be life-long battles. No matter how long your fear lasts, it has the same effect on everyone.

It may take weeks, months, or even years to build up fear and eventually loose sight of your passion, loose sight of your purpose, loose sight of who you are, and what you want. Fear is a one way street, which means it also takes a while to reverse- to gain back your confidence, your determination, and your happiness. Confidence takes time. Determination takes time. Happiness takes time. You need a significant amount of patience, courage, and perseverance. You can and you will discover your will to live.

Fear will consume you if you let. It will not win. Tackle your fears. Take that giant down with a giant leap of faith.

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