Getting cut with opening Cayston


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I opened the link for vial crimpers offered by 2005CFmom and if the twist-off method works for Cayston, this tool grips the cap around the "band" of the metal cap just for splitting and twisting off the cap cover. Vial tops are standard, but considering this cap cuts, it might be wise to measure the cap beforehand.

I have come to realize many of our special needs are being accommodated by packaging small amounts of drugs and such. Larger than a compounding pharmacy (should be), but nothing on the scale of popular pharmaceuticals, a mid-sized production line needed to be concocted. If I were to guess why Cayston has a crappy over seal, may be the machine doing it is an older model, possibly reconditioned and repurposed. We design this type of equipment for a 25 year life typically.

All need happen is an immunosuppressed patient contract a severe cut infection... Keeping in mind we now are warned that coffee is hot, I can't see why this problem persists unless they simply can't provide the product without raising costs substantially. A single capping unit could exceed the cost of the drug currently being produced. And Cayston was developed in conjunction with the CFF. I didn't look to see who Gilead is having make Cayston. A ten billion dollar public corporation, Gilead has the resources to make the most perfect containers for anything they want. It sucks, but my guess is nobody needing Cayston is ultimately refused.

It is a good idea to wear latex or nitrile gloves when handling the bottle anyway. Even if you have to double glove to prevent the sharp metal burr from penetrating and cutting, it's worth it. Hardware stores sell heavy duty gloves, less than dish gloves and more than tough surgical gloves.

This type of medicine usually isn't in layperson's hands. Ask your doctor for a tool to open Cayston. She/he will either have them or be able to tell you where to get one. They really aren't intended to be opened with fingers



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It happens all the time if your not careful......when Whitney was in the hospital in December she was on Caston so we took the rest with us to use in the hospital and we had to teach the respiratory therapist on how to use the system and how to mix it and open it and that was one of the key things I made sure to tell them, that the thin aluminum would cut them if you wern't careful....


I just started Cayston this week and am loving it! (I wasn't able to tolerate the tobi podhaler.) Thanks to the advice read on this cuts, yet!! Just curious, does anyone else's cats come running when nebulizing cayston. One of mine seems to be attracted to the high pitch whine and hangs out with me, meowing, purring, and becoming very affectionate...which is very sweet, except for when he tries playing with the nebulizer!! :D